FNMs loyal to Sir Cecil see the FNM taking new face

Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfileld Building torndown by the FNM. VELL MUDDO! Why didn't they tear down that old dutty Churchhill building and build a new complex for the city?

Nassau, Bahamas — The last and final vestiges of the late great Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield are being removed from the Cable Beach strip as we write.

Hubert Ingraham agreed to get rid of the building named in Sir Cecil’s honour to make way for the construction of the Christie envisioned Baha Mar.

During the 2007 campaign, Ingraham assured FNMs the Sir Cecil Building will remain, and that the median will not be given away.

That promise to loyal Cecilites was never kept and today the last reminder of his legacy is being torn down and carted away. Look what Ingraham is doing to Sir Cecil and his Cecilites… Tearing them all down one by one…


  1. Really? You do realize the PLP Govt initiated the Bahamar Project. and originally alott more land including Goodmans bay initially. Why ya’ll gotta make it seem like the FNM torn down the building. This is such a non story. This is such a troll story. Shame BP

  2. Now that’s what I call mellowdramatic!! That was a done deal from the time Christie negotiated Baha Mar. Let’s not re-write history.

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