FNMs turn hopeless as candidates run out of funds early – Party broke and headed into elections!


Is it really da People’s Time within the FNM? Cause they sure turning down PEOPLE!

Some FNM candidates’ campaign will collapse due to the lack of funding and lack of experience.
Photo shows Freetown candidate Dionisio D’Aguilar whose office remains close like so many FNM constituency offices.

Nassau, Bahamas – Free National Movement candidates are between a rock and a hard place and the thing to watch now is how many of them will indeed show up for nomination come April 20th.

Bahamas Press has learned workers deep inside the camp of the party are waiting on their funds and could not get them today. Candidates, on the other hand, had big plans to collect BIG BIG money but we understand donors have hit a snag and are not delivering support to the party. This is not good.

Sources tell us this has created huge problems for the FNM which has been ROC WIT Crisis after Crisis in recent times.

In 2012 a huge financial debt was left for the incoming leader of the FNM Hubert Minnis. Papa left so many bills for the Party that the organization still cannot meet them all.

The FNM left the country in a wheelchair and its own party on life support following the last election. What a time.

Meanwhile the PLP is collecting supporters in droves. At a mass PLP GOLD RUSH Tsunami motorcade on Grand Bahama island there were not enough buses and trucks to carry the residents into WEST END. We understand around 100 persons could not leave the party headquarters because of the mass turnout and according to one double cab bus driver, “When I opened the baggage compartment of the transport two whole family members were locked in underneath for the ride.” What is this?

We are told that one truck had so many supporters on its back the back wheels began to smoke. The truth be told it is not da People’s Time within the FNM because all their doors are shut from the people!

All we at BP say is this: “It ain’t gern…It coming!”

We report yinner decide!