Former Cabinet Minister to face charges of bribery and fraud! Will former Ministers be called to testify?


Minnis told the world more than half a billion gets “THIEF” in country! What did he know and when did he know it?!

The collapsed Minnis-Led Government.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press can now report former Cabinet Minister and spouse will be charged before the courts early next week, according to sources.

The former Minister will face a host of charges including bribery and fraud by false pretenses, according to the charge sheet signed by the DPP on Thursday. 

Police have remained tight-lipped on the list of criminal charges that the Minister will face. 

BP understands senior officers of the Bahamas Government will be listed as witnesses and some persons involved have become crown witnesses.

Now, this is all interesting as the former Prime Minister went around the world calling Bahamians “Corrupt” (his words not ours), and at one point placed a figure suggesting how Bahamians could thief up to HALF A BILLION (ONE TIME)! Well, wait?!

Now that a former Cabinet Minister in his government will face such charges, we wonder if he knew something. What did he know – and when did he know it? This will be interesting as it goes all downhill from here.

We ga report yinner decide!