Former Chief Minister’s Brother, Chal Misick, arrested and charged

Chalmers ‘Chal’ Misick


TCI – Chalmers ‘Chal’ Misick, an attorney at law and the brother of former premier Michael Misick, was reported by reliable legal sources to have been arrested on Tuesday and detained in custody overnight.

He appeared in the Providenciales Magistrates Court on Wednesday, charged with money laundering in the amount of $2.7 million on behalf of his brother, Michael Misick. As he is apparently considered a flight risk, bail was offered in the sum of $3 million on strict conditions, namely, no travelling by boat or plane, he must check in every morning and must sleep at his residence every night.

Another of his brothers, Washington Misick, also another former chief minister, was said to be trying to arrange bail on Wednesday.

Misick is also reported to be facing additional money laundering charges totalling some $14 million.

The special investigation and prosecution team (SIPT) also confirmed on Tuesday that a 50-year-old man, who was arrested last week and bailed, was interviewed again on Tuesday and charged with conspiring to defraud the TCI government. He has been bailed and will appear in court on Tuesday, 6 December.


  1. The Britts are the ones that are screwing up that Country with their own agendas in taking that island over where were they when that Country was not doing well

  2. The Brits are cleaning up the island bit by bit and hopefully get back some of the money that was ripped off from the hard working and good people of TCI so the islands can get back on track.

    • Jason, I totally agree. I encourage the Bahamian community to read the reanacted report located below. I spent two days reading that. This was actually the only thing I have read in this life where my mouth was dropped WIDE open from beginning to end! It was almost like a science fiction novel. For yall Bahamians who love gossip, that report is the perfect document to read. Trust me!
      Located here at Wikileaks if BP would allow me to publish link:,_Final_Report,_unredacted,_18_Jul_2009/

      What I am pissed about is what I call the “life isn’t fair” part. This is the part where Lisa Ray Missick at the time enjoyed the spoils of the land. She was also beneficiary to extrodinary wealth, but somehow she was able to jet off into the sunset back to the US, get her divorce and is now living high on the hog on US television. The gold digger lived, upon realizing the impending investigations, she dipped ship and sent her friend down there to allegedly set ya boy up into those rape allegations. Sad, but in the end, Missick and his cronies deserve to go to jail. He can hide in the Dominician Republic, but he of all people knows that the British empire don’t play and their arms of the law stretches across the globe, even in the slums of the DR!

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