Government makes way to build new homes for suffering Abaco families…


NASSAU| The Government has decided to move swiftly today and remove dwellers of the dome community which has decayed into an unsanitary condition in the Abaco community.

The Government yesterday began the work to remove a dirty, filthy, unsafe environment created by Minnis in order to build new, clean, and modern homes for Abaconians. Some of the new home owners will be in their place by Christmas as an aggressive push is being made by the government.

The dome homes have brought the community of Abaco into serious decay. Some residents complaining about the removal have used the domes to rent to illegal foreign nationals while others opened a bar to operate at the site. 

The Davis Government is moving quickly to deliver relief to the people of Abaco who have suffered these three long years since Hurricane Dorian. The majority of dome residents moved peacefully.  They have received a $4,000 stipend from the government for rental support and are moving on with their lives.

By December the vast majority of residents who applied will move into brand new homes, all built by the hardworking Davis Government. LOOKA DAT!

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