Government Sports Authority Under BP Editorial GUN On Day ONE!


Sports Authority Chairman Leroy Archer Jr.

Sports Authority Board cannot explain squander of public money…Minister needs closely examine Authority…

Bahamas Press has been shown files emanating from a source within the Bahamas Sports Authority and from what we can see, there are serious and dangerous questions unfolding about the workings of that government agency.

New and damaging evidence suggests that someone’s hands were deep in that proverbial cookie jar and an individual now under review by this website in regards to that matter may have already been placed in a very important decision-making position in the new government.

On February 1st, 2012, The Authority, now headed by Leroy Archer Jr, came on stream with responsibilities for the management of sporting facilities throughout the country.

Though not even 6 months old, documents shown to us confirm that there is already there is compelling evidence that someone in that body has to go for licking the crumbs in that cookie jar.

Readers would remember that up to last year November, the Aquatic Centre was still not usable for swimmers to practice.

The pool was not functioning correctly and young swimmers almost died as a result.

Betty Kenning Pool

A contract reveals the Authority; acting on the direction of only the Good Master knows who, signed a $5,000 per month contract with a company to put Chorine tablets in the pool at the Aquatic Centre. And here’s where the rip-off of the taxpayers comes in.

A bucket of Chorine tablets – the highest quality used in pools for the Olympics – costs under $100. It contains 100 tablets inside which is equal to one new tablet a day for 100 days or a little over 3 months.

Therefore we put this question to the scholars sitting around the table of the Sports Authority Board:  if the tablets cost $100 per bucket and at the end of the month more than half of the tablets still remain in that same $100 supply, how is it the people of the Bahamas are paying a contractor $5,000 per month to put those chlorine tablets in a pool? [NOT TO CLEAN THE POOL NOW]. The revelation is shocking and tells us some serious questions must be answered.

Bahamas Press advises the Christie Government to stop, review and CANCEL the members on the board of the Sports Authority of the Bahamas. If it is costing the Bahamian taxpayers $5,000 per month for someone to supply chlorine tablets which cost only $100 for a 3 month supply, what you think they are spending to fix the bathrooms at the National Stadium which cannot flush? Our source on the board said, ” the Chairman is as extravagant as he is large and is a schoolmate of the P S at the ministry, who also happens to be the sister in law of Papa Clown“.

Boy, dis some “S^&%” eh?

We report yinner decide!