GREEDY ATLANTIS is at it again pushing Bahamians OUT!

Live photo at ATLANTIS…

PARADISE ISLAND| Greedy Atlantis is continuing to push Bahamians out while blocking business opportunities and new ventures from having a piece of Paradise Island which was built by Bahamians. 

This coming Sunday is Father’s Day right? Well, one of Atlantis’ popular restaurants has decided to increase the price of its buffet this weekend. 

Now get this – in its advertising the property does not share that anything different will be at the dinner table, but because it’s a big weekend for Bahamian fathers in particular – the price of the food climbs. 

This week the Bahamian paid to speak for the GREEDY PEOPLE say they are opposed to Wendy’s and Marcos coming on the island built and owned by Bahamains but little is being said how Atlantis is backing its Shake Shack brand, which sells a high-end burger to its customers, to open on the island. 

We keep telling yinner Atlantis is greedy and some cannot see it! Ya want run Bahamians off the beach, put police on vendors, block locally owned franchises while standing in the road with usual suspects fighting the GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS!

How long, ATLANTIS, yinner believe we ga sit by and watch yinner GRABILICIOUS behaviors and not bark?

Keep it up! Yinner think BP sacred a yinner, eh?! KEEP IT UP!