Hot teen gal tells police she was not raped in the COVID WARD bathroom!


Serious security detail breaches must be addressed at PMH! Where was hospital head Dominic Sturrup when crimes hit PMH?

Scenes from the COVID ward at PMH!

NASSAU| More information has now come into BP following that alleged sex incident at PMH.

BP is learning the said hyper-sexual teen, who registered at PMH after testing positive for COVID19 was alleged to have been raped in a bathroom of the ward outside the COVID facility.

PHA officials telephoned police to investigate the incident where the young woman in question told officers she don’t know why people are lying about her and pressed that she was not raped!

Persons hearing the moans and groans emanating from the bathroom quickly alerted BP over the weekend. A short while later the young tamale left a bathroom area and about five minutes later a male – who also has COVID19 – left the same area where the teen girl was. Now in the Covid area, both male and female patients are mixed, and this is because the COVID19 Ward has little active security.

How could people (teen and another ) knocking at the door of death be active in the bathroom having sex just shows you how serious down the tubes the place has slid!

She told police she don’t know what people scandalizing her for. She has done nothing wrong. 

BP needs to more carefully check our sources, seeing that the source was on a ventilator, having complications breathing, and could have been hallucinating and hearing things. The good thing is that it was the PHA that telephoned the police to get on top of the situation!

Following BP’s report, we understand the male in question hauled ass off the COVID Ward and has not been seen since! 

On a more serious note, though, the PHA must get a grip on security at PMH! Last week a patient was videoed snorting coke live on camera. The Head of Security at PMH Dominic Sturrup is a former police force band member who we believe has never had one arrest in his life when he served on the RBPF. What is he doing managing security in a big hospital? What he ga do play an instrument when a crime is being carried out?

With all the criminals entering and leaving the hospital – some even dressed up in medical clothes – Bahamas Press is warning a more serious approach to security at PMH and healthcare facilities around the country must be started at once!

We ga report yinner decide!