I too could not get paid from Baha Mar!



Dear Editor,

In light of the developments at Baha Mar I am finally happy to see that the Government and the EXIM Bank eyes have opened to the real culprits.

I was a vendor for Baha Mar too and I have been waiting on my services to be paid. They have avoided me; ducking and dodging paying the bill. This is the same way they absconded in negotiations with the Deputy Prime Minister on Corridor 7.

It was so bad I had to write-off all the debt and shed staff as a result. I also see following the Delaware court proceedings many other Bahamian companies are also not paid by Baha Mar. The company I believe is a sham! A Scam! And the quicker the Chinese and the Bahamas Government take control of the operations the better this will be for all Bahamians!

Get Rid of Baha Mar and the Scammers!


Disgusted WITH BAH MAR!



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