Illegal activity near the Commissioner of Police Office!



This dark brown building just up the street opposite the Commissioner of Police’s office known to sell drugs to tourist and underage students.

Nassau, Bahamas:
A distraught mother has come to Bahamas Press with serious concerns following a corrupt illegal encounter right in front of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Headquarters [RBPF]. The parent noted that she had made her complaint to police and now she tells Bahamas Press, that the incident is having a destructive effect on the upcoming youth in her community. And yet to date, “NOTHING is being done by the police” to stop the incidents from reoccurring.

Bahamas Press assisted by our ‘deep-throat’ within the Royal Bahamas Police Force decided to visit the area and to our surprise, were shock beyond measure by our discovery. Just outside the office of the Commissioner of Police through a corner called Prison Lane there is gun and drug running. The corner is the sole entry that leads towards the world famous Water Tower, Fort Fin Castle and The Queen Stair Case tourist attractions. Thousands of tourists visit this area every year to see the historic landmarks of the country. However our visit in the area following the cry of this mother, discovered another hidden treasure, right outside the 24-hour policed gates of RBPF headquarters.

Our police ‘deep-throat’ confirm that the area is known of its heavy nefarious activity now being harbored by the sale of guns, drugs and gang activity. The mother gave Bahamas Press her side of this breaking story. She told Bahamas Press:

“I have lived in this area now for the past fifteen [15] years and this is the worse the community has been all those years. I mean last week I sent by boy to this shop [She pointed to a blue two story building what appeared as an apartment situated just before the curb on Prison Lane]. And he told me that the boy just outside the shop asked him if he wanted to buy some drugs. I mean this area have become infested with rats!” [her description the young men in the area].

Our drive into the area saw scores of unemployed young men standing all along the streets steering as if we would perhaps stop and ask questions. Bahamas Press ‘deep-throat’ on the RBPF, pointed out some seven buildings on that immediate area which are allegedly selling drugs. All heavily fortified with what appeared to be idle gang members.

Upon further investigations into the area we stopped a young man and asked him where can we buy some drugs in this area. The young man who said he was 15 years of age pointed us to this dark brown two-story building just overlooking the guard at the barracks of the RBPF headquarters. (Building at photo above).

Bahamas Press later that day upon further questioning another young man, was told that we can buy here all what we want. Heroin, cocaine or marijuana we were informed. Whilst we passed the building where we were told these drugs could be bought, scores of young men were assembled outside that home. Some seen visibly with backpacks on their shoulders headed up towards the tourist attractions.

“I see taxi drivers stopping to this home the mother told Bahamas Press and sometimes police officers picking up packages, and all this is happening right in from of the Commissioner of Police’s office,” the mother told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press wonders how could right in front of the Royal Bahamas Police Force headquarters on East Street Hill. Outside the office of the Commissioner of Police, visibly across from the Complaints and Corruption Unit office of the RBPF with a 24-hour guard of officers at the RBPF barracks gate could such nefarious activity be happening just a few yards away? All in the view of such anti-criminal facilities, yet they operate and function right under the commissioner’s nose, at the doorsteps of the police headquarters? A community in the heart of the City of Nassau spirals into such heavy nefarious activity, is physically allowed to degenerate into such a rot that now children and tourist are lured to buy and sell drugs.

What will the Police do about this? How can they deal with criminals on the high seas, when drugs, guns and gangs are being cultured right on their doorsteps!


  1. Did you notice that the ”distraught mother” says……….. “I see taxi drivers stopping to this home the mother told Bahamas Press and sometimes police officers picking up packages”…so what does that tell you???? The police are criminals themselves so no wonder why criminal activity is at a rise….yall cops iz dope boys too!!

  2. Criminals are getting bolder and bolder…first they were dealing drugs one corner down from the PM, now they doing illegal activity near the Commissioner’s office. The cops need to stay on top of things.

  3. BP, Where is the breaking story that was going to be an eye poping experience, that you said you where going to revealed to us. Liked ‘WOW’ said this isn’t news mannnn. Evidence that where obtained from the crime scene are being sold or misplaced. So why are you surprised that drugs are being sold in front of the Police Head Quaters.

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