What happens When Justice Collapses in a Country?


Nassau, Bahamas: This is what happens when justice collapses in a country. Tommy Turnquest on Wednesday, went out of his way to say, murder, robbery and overall violent crimes are down in the country. When we assess this statement, what is true is this. Yes, murder is down because many murders are still unclassified, like the murder of a young man whose shoes was on his feet but head off in the South Beach canal. And yes robbery is down, but perhaps the minister meant by members on the Police Force. Because when we last checked, in the last three months, three major banks have had OPEN DAYLIGHT DARING ROBBERIES, Scotia Bank East Street, Commonwealth Bank Blue Hill Road and Scotia Bank in Andros. That had not occurred in The Bahamas in years! And if the banks are getting robbed in the middle of the day, “CAN YOU IMAGINE!” the homes and persons getting robbed in the night?

But the minister says what is scripted for him to say, and yet still again the shadow minister of National Security in the PLP says not a word. We remind our readers when statements go unchallenged like these, scripted to deflect the true CRISIS STATE in our counrty, we are NOT a practising democracy!

Bahamas Press therefore presents today the story of Rwanda, which shows what happens when CORRUPTION gets so bad in a nation. Here is an example of what occurs when files go missing in the police prosecutions department, shredded and nothing is done to protect the innocent.

Here is what happens when rape can occur in a public school and the minister, the commissioner of police and administrators at Queen’s College do nothing. Here is what happens when police rob resident workers and some are assaulted and beaten and nothing gets done about it.

Here is what occurs when CORRUPTION gets soo bad that drugs dealers, guns runners and gangs transact their illegal business dealings right in front of the Commissioner of Police office in downtown Nassau –Prison Lane to be exact – and nothing is done.

Here is what happens when police officers allow known drug smugglers – wanted for crimes  – walk right out of the prison cells. And the only thing happens is that the guilty officers are transferred to do the same CRIME at another police station.

Here is what happens when a country becomes SO STEEP IN CORRUPTION AND CULTURED IN WICKEDNESS. Good men do nothing! Bahamas Press presents the ‘Ghost of Rwanda’ a true story of the 1994 genocide where 800,000 people were massacred by their fellowmen, as the world watched and did nothing.

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  2. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ?we leave it to you to decide?.

  3. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  4. I am sorry but I dont agree with Tommy’s stats.

    Morehands you are dead on. I am truly afraid of what is going to unfold here and I am being dead serious and in no way trying to be negative. I see arrogance and hostility on the rise from that particular nationality that you are speaking of. Its slightly frightening as you know our cultures are VERY different.

  5. And as they say, “there are LIES, DAMN LIES and then there are STATISTICS!”

    Bahamas Pres/ Editor

  6. I don’t care what statistics say, the important thing is do you FEEL safer. I am sure the families of all the victims aren’t impressed with Mr. Turnquests’ statistics.

  7. Excellent views ‘Morehands’, this is exactly what I am pointing to here. And we can live as a people, but if law and JUSTICE is not serving the greater purpose in the country then Mayhem and Death will cover the land. All because those in the power structures here in The Bahamas, DID NOTHING to uphold laws in the land, and Rebuke LAWLESSNESS AT EVERY LEVEL!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. Media!! You hit the nail right on the head for me. This is one of my fears for the Bahamas, that we get to the point where one race/nationality turn on the other. The Bahamas has three dominate nationalities residing in a small area – Bahamian, Haitian and Jamaican. One nationality sits in the back and allows everything to happen without ever opening its mouth. Another nationality does everything in the dark, in deep forests. And yet another nationality is openly becoming more and more arrogant, dominating and flying its nation’s paraphernalia on clothing and vehicles in a land foreign to them.

    If left unchecked, will we get to the point of frustration and lawlessness in the Bahamas where one nationality becomes tired of being disrespected and dejected, where one wants to take what none other wants, or where one wants to reclaim its birthright and seek revenge?

    This is not too far away or paranoia Media. I saw it play out weeks ago when some neighbours got angry with two Haitians working with lawnmowers too early in the morning. One side was cussing and the other holding cutlasses daring someone to try stop him because he was angry at always being treated like an animal. Ask the people of Abaco, the teachers and students of Central Abaco High and they could tell you of what is brewing on the country. Abaco is perhaps the hotbed.

    We not only need solutions to crime. We need social healing. Is genocide likely in the Bahamas?

  9. Yes that is what some people will say ‘Maria’, but that does not mean the great state of democracy should go unchallenged because of what people think. I trust you, persons reading and researching the minister’s comments 40 years down the road will conclude, I assure you, that was Murder was this figure, according to the minister at that time. And nothing confirmed or denied that statement. A healthy democracy challenge statements, whether positives or negative for the record.

    And in this I say the opposition in this country is sleeping at the wheel. Allowing the minister’s comments to go unchallenged.

    Do we not see this playing out in the US? Bush makes a statement and OBAMA or one of his supporters respond to it? Its called Democracy not dictatorship.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  10. meadia what you have to understand is that even though you are looking for the PLP to say something to prove the Minister wrong, you have the community (FNM) who will say that the opposition is causing trouble and then say the government is doing a great job. In times like these u just have to let people read and find out things for themselves. Peoples eyes are still clouded and would not look at anything the opposition has to say.
    I can only say that I am listening and reading and waiting for the next 4 years

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