Ingraham Government Grants More Work Permits to Foreigners while Bahamians are FIRED on GB!

Island Palm Resort on Freeport Grand Bahama closes its doors.

Freeport, GBBahamas Press has learnt the plush Island Palm Resort on the island of Grand Bahama has closed its doors this week, sending home scores of workers in an already struggling economy.

The 170 room resort was a fixture on the island located on Mall Drive and Explorers Way. The property like many resorts around the country was on life support due to the crippling global financial crisis.

While the ‘city without soul’ is dying, an MP better known as the Parliament’s ‘Cry Baby Sour Lime’ was overheard on ZNS TV telling those who wish to listen, that someone told him that out of the 25,000 eligible workers on GB some 23,000 were employed. The Cry Baby is a STRANGER TO THE TRUTH!

Pray for the preacher whose soul is lost!

Fears over job cuts can come at Atlantis any day as this empty marina on Paradise Island proves troubling for operators. The marina is like the desert in the Middle East. Only seven yatchs were docked in the marina on this morning.

October is shaping up to be the most depressing month on the calender for workers across the country, as Bahamas Press has learnt more workers are set to be axed before the week is out.

The bloodbath now under the watchful eyes of the Free National Movement administration is not getting any better and from the looks of things the recession is deepening into negative territory.

By the end of October Hubert Ingaham and his band of misfits would have witnessed  up to 400 workers at BTC sent home; just 200 shy of BP projections by the end of 2011. By the end of the month Papa would witness the termination of 39 workers at Seaboard Marine. He could have witnessed 20 fired at BIMINI BAY, 12 at a resort on Harbour Island. Some 50 workers at Kamalamae Cay and scores more at Ginn Development in West End Grand Bahama.

Papa’s government would have witnessed the undermining of Straw and Craft Vendors at Coco Cay and in this month alone his government would have issued the highest number of work permits granted to foreigners than at any one time in the history of this country. That is what the FNM government is doing to Bahamians.

Just yesterday the Ingraham Government approved the hike on fuel cost to drivers  across the country, making it more expensive to drive a vehicle. And by the end of the year the tax, spend and pain government of Hubert Ingraham would increase National Insurance contributions on the backs of the working poor. Bahamians must have had enough by now!

In a statement late yesterday the Ministry of Labour and Social Development has announced that the government has granted a 10c margin increase on gasoline and 15c increase on diesel to Petroleum Retailers with effect from 12th October. This is the first margin increase in gasoline in 10 years for retailers and 30 years for diesel. The increase comes at time of decreasing petroleum prices. Oil prices on the international market continue to drop. At the pump in the last week, there was a decrease of $0.44 cents per gallon for gasoline at Esso and Texaco was granted a 0.57c per gallon decrease. The result is a net decrease of 34-47 cents to consumers.

Petroleum Retailers had requested significantly more in their margin increase proposal but given the prevailing economic conditions and the environment of falling petroleum prices, the government consider the timing and amount of the margin increase to be reasonable.

Christie, Davis and Roberts said it correct, “The FNM do not Believe in Bahamians!”


  1. My personal view of this report is that BLACK PEOPLE do not know how to treat BLACK PEOPLE – Whether they are the government or not, they have not found a way yet, because they claim to know God, but denies His power to love their neighbours……they are greedy self-centered, and jellous, their hearts are too insincere and we are our own worst enemies. The present government has one execption to the ohers: they have no empathy for Bahamians…I wonder if the top administrator is really Bahamian!!! As for “Cry Baby Sour Lime”, ‘Cry Baby’ does not have a lot of knowledge about The Bahamas’ history or its economy!!

  2. Grand Bahama is dead! More businesses will feel the blow. The government isn’t taking an interest. The Ministry of Tourism is doing stuff here and there, but unfortunately, fees are killing the airport down there. You can’t land a plane without paying an arm and a leg. As a result, fees are passed on to the flying public/tourists. If you travel to the island by boat, high fees are passed on to the travelling public.
    In the end, just how the Power company in GB admitted to overcharging several persons, the same is happening everywhere in Freeport GB. It’s expensive to even buy a meal down there.
    This is what happens when you have these quasar entities acting as government. So what if Freeport GB was built by wealthy private investors who are all dead, but through the legal web of documents in that HCA, to put it short… enn nuttin’ happening in GB anytime soon!
    The Hawksbill Creek Agreement aka Freeport’s Doomsday documents aka the Holy Grail has sealed GB’s economic faith.
    Greed killed GB a long time ago!

  3. Why you did not put the statement by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development on a different page and a different topic. We all know the government is not doing anything, but encourage them when they are trying.

    Some time I wonder if this is the official opposition web site.

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