Ingraham spoke at FNM rally in North Abaco and had nothing new to tell residents…


Minnis in trouble as he welcomed Hubert Ingraham to the stage and lost steam…

FNM supporters in North Abaco will not support Party again.

Abaco – The emergence of Hubert Ingraham in the FNM campaign is TOMMY T 2.0. The poor showing in Abaco to hear the FAKE NATIONAL MOVEMENT proved that the momentum is not behind the FNM.

Tommy was unable to galvanize the FNM base in 2002 and Minnis is unable to do the same in 2017. Imagine that we are just 8 days away from a general election and the FNM base is not solidified.

This is another indictment on Minnis’ leadership – a failed leadership.

Again if Minnis cannot hold his party together, how can he hope that the Bahamian people will trust him to hold a government together and lead a country?

Hubert Minnis – a risk the Bahamian people cannot afford to take.

We report yinner decide!