Its Official! Guardian and Our News Dem Break Up!


NASSAU| In an early morning message the queens of Cable Bahamas informed their staff that the romance with them and The Nassau Guardian was over and done with.

The Guardian and Cable Bahamas shared a good romance and worked together well until Jerome Sawyer and his Sissy Brigade (cinderellas and fairy godmothers) took over.

Now morale is at an all time low. He stole the Guardian and ZNS staff and then drop-kicked the Guardian in its YOU KNOW WHAT! Leaving the already failing newspaper without staff. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

BP also learned that the Queens of Cable Bahamas called an emergency meeting and threatened the staff telling them to keep the company business out of BP or face losing their jobs!! WHAT IS DIS??!! Now how we get in dese people head?!

What these Queens don’t understand is that BP is everywhere. Yuh can’t threaten BP! You can’t do nothing with us? But since yinner decide to mention us in yall meeting we gat some stuff to sharing with the public.

BP has some very interesting information to launch on The Queens of Cable Bahamas if they don’t keep BP out their mouth.

BP stands ready to send some long range missiles flying. This is a warning. We have yinner nasty “dutty” pictures! We have warned yinner at Cable Bahamas AKA “Dutty Rev” – and if yinner think this writer head good…TRY US! We gone!

We report!! Yinner decide!!