Jungaliss at W&S reported to have sucked the penis of an FNM Chairman report suggest! Well WAIT!


How much has these Ernst and Young Audits cost taxpayers?

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Nassau – The Free National Movement Chairman for Water and Sewerage Adrian Gibson shot himself in the foot last week when he caused Ernst and Young [EY] to open its investigations into the Corporation and exposed how many FNM party supporters got Water contracts under the PLP.

The report also went into details on how a former FNM Chairman of the Corporation was reported to have exposed himself to a female employee who had her suck his penis. The matter was reported to the Human Resources Department and discovered in communications on file. The matter was never reported to the police.

BP understands that former Chairman is a noted personality in the country, who is known for dropping his pants on young “tings”. We note his firm had to pay big bucks after two gals threaten to expose the Chairman. One time that same former FNM Chairman ran so hot he was caught bonking in the back of the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre by police, but allowed to go free and warned to stay out of the area. Boy I tell ya…If ya don’t laugh you would cry!

A letter exhibited by EY showed how two female employees fought over the matter with one exposing the other over the incident.

What is interesting though is that while EY was finding out who sucked the penis of whom, not one line in the report exposed how a female cage worker at W&S stole thousands from the cash cage bags and vanished from the corporation. No examination was done on that investigation, and we at BP wonder why? Was the accused Brenda an FNM? The case cannot conclude in the courts. But we at BP want to know who assisted her in that exercise? And why didn’t the EY audit look into that?

The Minnis Government has yet to explain to the Bahamian people how is it Ernst and Young, an international auditing firm of global reputation, are the only firm to get all the government audits without any bidding?

Also it is strange that no one in the government has yet to advise the country on the cost of the multiple audits done by this single firm; particularly at BPL and WSC. Where is the transparency and accountability?

And is it true that a relative of the current EY managing director is a special friend of the Prime Minister?

EY spent over a month in Water and Sewerage. What did that cost taxpayers?

We report yinner decide!