Junior staff at BPL tell all about corruption inside the Power Company after $7 million vanished and landed into bank accounts…


Consumers packed on the line of BEC at the MALL AT MARATHON BRANCH. NASSAU GUARDIAN FILE PHOTO.

Dear Editor,

I am the Accounts Payable Clerk at BPL. I was instructed by my Supervisor to process a batch of invoices that were already keyed in by the temp clerk who was out that day.

I did that and unknown to me I was told that one of the invoice I had process was one of the fake company setup by an unknown person in BPL. I selected the invoices from my computer. My supervisor printed the checks, I collected them from her and processed them further for vetting and returned them to my supervisor for her approval.

In which she approved them the manager also approved them and then they were forward for signature. That is the extent of my involvement.

Secondly I was given an account to manage by my manager. Where I was introduce to the accountant for this company which does business legitimately with BPL.

We communicated by email, telephone and once in person. Because I have a home base business I took the opportunity to sell him some products for his wife. This being the one time I met him. Now I was questioned about this man and that I communicating with him. I don’t know what his involvement is or has been with BPL and any other company of BPL other than the one company I managed.

Now I was fired without any proof of my involvement with fraud or corruption scheme. To date I have not been told why I was fired other than they have said gross misconduct and dishonesty. With findings of the investigation the company has a reasonable and honest suspicion that I was complicit in committing a fraud. I ask then and now where is the PROOF and evidence?

I am a victim of wrongful dismissal and escape goat for BPL answer to where the money gone.

What was so ironic those who authorize and signed off in my case is still employed by Bpl. All managers need to be FIRED because I only followed the instructions of my supervisor and Manager.


Fired BPL Accounts Clerk

P.S i didn’t receive a dollar and I am sure they have already check my family and my bank account to prove it.

God bless you and I am using social media to tell my story.