Loretta tells her story to the OAS how women in politics in the Bahamas are marginalized!


FNMs sacked Butler-Turner and ousted her as Deputy Leader of the organization!

Loretta Butler-Turner at OAS meeting on Political Violence against women. She suffered Political Violence in the FNM last November when they rejected her as leader!

FNMs could lose the women vote in the next General Elections….

Nassau, Bahamas — The OAS held a roundtable discussion on “Political Violence Against Women: A Hemispheric Challenge,” as part of the activities commemorating Women’s Day of the Americas, held on February 18, and International Women’s Day, on March 8.

And guess who we sent to represent the Bahamas? The woman beaten by the FNM party last year November: Loretta Butler Turner.

Turner was the high and mighty strong Deputy Leader of the FNM and then she herself suffered Political Violence by her own party and was resoundingly rejected and defeated for the leadership of the organization.

Butler-Turner and her team LGBT movement in the organization suffered the most vicious, ‘vicked’ political violence known to mankind during the campaign within the FNM, where some insults and rants were hurled against her, equal to that of naked abuse! What a fight that was!

The Long Island MP said in her country “women are vastly underrepresented” and that, in political life, when women are not physically attacked in order to be marginalized, they are often intimidated. “We need more participation of women in the political life of The Bahamas, both nationally and locally,” she said.

Just before the leadership race, Butler-Turner announced how top members of her party didn’t want a woman inside the all boys club and, more importantly, didn’t want her at the top of the organization.

Current leader of the Opposition beat out Butler-Turner 3-1 during the November election.

What is even worse is that, just a few weeks ago, the Party sacked another woman senator known as a die-hard supporter of the defeated Deputy Leader. UNBELIEVABLE!

The problem now for the FNM is that women make up the majority of voters in the country and perhaps the Ruling Governing Party could sweep the majority of support due to its careful welcome of women to the leadership of the government!

This saga now unfolding deep inside the FNM, for certain, will be one to watch.

We report yinner decide!