LP gas rip off


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Letter writer proves how Grand Bahamians are being raped!

Dear Editor,

Propane is created with crude oil, butane, and gasoline. I started this editorial by noting the contents of propane gas commonly known as LP gas (liquefied petroleum) because many years ago the price of LP gas went up a few times over the years and each time the reason for the increase was due to the rise in the price of oil by the barrel and it went up again in 2012 if I remember correctly.

Due to the present decrease in oil, gasoline at present is $4.83 per gallon in Grand Bahama. I would like to know why after all these years of price fluctuation in gasoline due to the cost of oil dropping that resulted in the decrease in the price of gasoline, is never given to the consumers of LP gas. It was always a suspicion of the consumer to know if when there is a price increase, the petroleum dealers put the increase on fuel that was in storage before the increase resulting on double profit but in the case of the LP gas, it is no suspicion because it is an obvious blatant rip off of the consumers because the price of LP gas never fluctuated like the gasoline.

I would like this matter to be known publicly for the Ministry Of Consumer Affairs to investigate this blatant disregard for the law and I look forward to the immediate decrease in the price of LP gas because in these tough economic times every saving is a help.

Derek B. Russell-Sr
Freeport G.B.

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