Male shot in Garden Hills shooting – VICTIM is alive and did not die!


file photo

Nassau – Now this report distinguishes BP’s team from the rest of the social media writers. We report the facts and gather real information. We usually never report the multiple shootings that occur in the capital or in the country as many occur. But we report those incidents that end up as a homicide.

Tonight there was NOT a homicide in Garden Hills. Nor was there any double shooting. Those are the facts. Here BP’s report – THE REAL STORY!

A young man left out of a home in the Garden Hills area where a party was happening and after going outside that male was shot. He did not die.

His injuries are not life threatening. The victim was taken to hospital and is having a minor surgery done.

No one died in that shooting which occurred shortly after 8pm tonight. But since BP was bombarded with requests for its confirmation, we sought to say what happened. We had a shooting and no one died!

We report yinner decide!