Man accused in a 2019 homicide is dead following a shooting in Flamingo Gardens…

Hugh Bowe

NASSAU| Another man charged before the courts for murder is dead tonight following a shooting in the Flamingo Gardens community on Sunday 15th January 2023.

Bahamas Press is learning Hugh Tyler Bowe the man accused of the murder of Jarvis Butler was shot dead this afternoon. The murder of Butler occurred in 2019.

Because of the matter, the magistrate at the time had placed Bowe under protective custody as he feared gang violence behind bars. Fast forward to today. 

Bowe was riding up and down in New Providence and faced a hail of bullets in the Flamingo community. He died a short time following the incident. 

Meanwhile, another male was shot at Rupert Dean Land and Dunmore Avenue. He is presently at hospital but his condition is unknown.

Bahamas Press has warned suspects getting bail is a danger to them! If you have a relative who is known for crime and criminal activity our advice to yinner is to have them leave the country!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!