Man dies on Deveaux Street and is alleged to have been struck by a bus in the area…


NASSAU | Bahamas Press has more following that incident on Deveaux Street just behind the Tribune last evening where a young man was found dead. 

Your #1 online media Bahamas Press has identified the victim as 18-year-old Devon Burrows. 

From what we understand Burrows was on bail. What he was charged for is still unknown. He was admitted to hospital on Wednesday, November 15th and was receiving treatment for what was described as a stomach illness. Last evening he left the hospital, discharging himself; suggesting to some he wanted to just go home. 

While en route, it is alleged he was struck by a bus in the area where he was found and was lying partially under a vehicle. Persons came to his aide, and, a short while later after sharing his condition and what happened, he died on the scene.

Burrows was not only wearing a hospital tag to confirm his story, but he was also electronically monitored. May his soul rest in peace.

We report yinner decide!