Minnis seeks to distance himself from Killarney General CID CHIEF Michael Johnson by calling for a Commission on Gangs!


FNM / Minnis spokesman SYLVENS Metayer shot up in his US Apartment after disclosing voice notes on CID Chief and ratting on AGENTS!

Michael Johnson, Hubert Minnis, and Duane Sands

MIAMI| After the shooting of one of former PM Minnis’ “spokespersons” in the US, Minnis has found his voice on Criminal Gangs. This comes after FNM Leader Michael Pintard said nothing about criminal gangs in the recent voice notes which has implicated a senior CID Chief!

SYLVENS Metayer was shot during a Facebook Live broadcast Monday night.  He – yinner should know – is the man who first disclosed voice notes that led Criminal Investigation Department head Chief Superintendent of Police Michael Johnson. CID Chief Johnson is now on leave.

Today, the former PM quickly held a press conference calling for a Commission of Inquiry following CID Chief Johnson’s recordings with a deceased suspect Michael Fox, who following those recordings was shot dead.

Infact readers should know two suspects in that robbery Michael Fox and Dino Smith are both now deceased victims in separate shootings following that $1.4 million heist at the Airport last year. Bank notes were removed from a vehicle which transported the cash to the airport for delivery to a family island.

Dino Shawn Smith aka FATBOY was shot and killed at the Prince Charles Drive stoplight as he celebrated his birthday with a female friend.

The voice notes purportedly capture a conversation between Fox Jr. (the second murdered man) and the officer, suggesting a deal to make criminal charges disappear in exchange for $100,000.

Former PM Dr. Hubert Minnis called on the governor-general to appoint a commission of inquiry to look into the prevalence of criminal gangs in the country. He says he has names but refuses to release them in fear for his life and family members. So what is really happening here?

Michael Johnson, who is presently on leave, following the developments, is a known FNM operative, and from what we know, senior officials were warned by confidential informants to get rid of Johnson months ago.

Serious intel tells BP gangs have a deep sourced connection inside the FORCE and its not surprise when an senior police was implicated in a drug sting in Inagua and another in South Andros just recently. Not to mention the other officer who took $90,000 from a businessman and attempted to take the funds lying to the HIGH COMMAND!

Chief Johnson readers should know:

– He campaigned vigorously against the GOVERNMENT for Minnis FNM in Yamacraw, Mount Moriah and inside Killarney – And yet Minnis is now attempting to distance himself from Michael Johnson!? How ya do that!?

– Also CID Chief Johnson has held onto the file for Richard Johnson in matters investigated for Obstruction in the course of a criminal investigation where Duane Sands (FNM CHAIRMAN) was named and questioned. Why is that case still quiet even after Sands (Chairman of the FNM) was interviewed by police?

We at BP are therefore not surprised or shocked by Sands or Minnis now calling for an investigation following the leaked audios. We know how the audios got out and from what we understand MORE AUDIOS SHALL BE RELEASED! Do these men have interest in protecting Johnson? YES! 

But someone please answer this: Where in this world could anyone rob the banking system and walk around free as a bird? That only happens in Hollywood! NO WHERE ELSE… and definitely not in the Bahamas! YOU SHALL DIE IF YOU DO!


We report yinner decide!