Prime Minister Davis Onlines Vision for Digital Transformation at CANTO 2024, Announces The Bahamas to Host CANTO 2025


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PM Philip Davis unveils bold vision at #CANTO2025, announcing The Bahamas as host for 2025 conference. Leading digital innovation with “Sand Dollar” and AI regulation, enhancing digital literacy for a more inclusive Caribbean.

July 8, 2024 – Miami, Florida – At the 39th Annual CANTO Conference and Trade Exhibition, Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis, KC, MP, articulated a bold vision for the digital future of The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean. He announced The Bahamas as the next host country for CANTO 2025, underlining the nation’s commitment to leading the region’s digital revolution.

“The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and The Bahamas is at the forefront, championing a future where technology enhances the lives of all our citizens,” said Prime Minister Davis. He highlighted the transformative power of digital platforms in government services and financial inclusion, pointing to the successful launch of the “Sand Dollar,” the world’s first central bank digital currency.

Prime Minister Davis also addressed the critical need for robust global standards and regulatory frameworks for Artificial Intelligence (AI). “As we stand on the brink of a future defined by AI, it is paramount to establish controls that ensure AI serves humanity in safe, ethical, and beneficial ways. The unchecked growth of AI presents not just opportunities but profound challenges,” he emphasized.

Focusing on the importance of digital literacy, the Prime Minister announced significant investments in skills development. “Our vision includes creating a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap that encompasses all Bahamians, regardless of location or economic status. This will ensure that our workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in a digital economy,” Davis remarked.

He concluded by inviting regional and global partners to collaborate on these initiatives, ensuring that The Bahamas and the Caribbean are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

The Bahamas’ hosting of CANTO 2025 will showcase its achievements and ongoing commitment to digital excellence, reinforcing its role as a leader in ICT innovation in the Caribbean.