Minnis tells supporters: “I Can Run The FNM!”


Minnis moves quickly to take a grip of the FNM as Pintard calls an emergency meeting at Party Headquarters – Minnis boycotts Pintard Parliamentary meetings…


NASSAU| The political landscape in The Bahamas is undergoing significant changes as tensions rise between two factions within the Free National Movement (FNM) party. The FNM is divided between the Pintard Loyals, who support the current Minister of Tourism, Dionisio D’Aguilar, and the Minnis Faithful, who support the former Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis.

As the country is three years 1/2 the next general election, many FNM members are concerned that Pintard may need to be stronger to lead the party to victory. They believe that Minnis is a better fit, given his past experience as Prime Minister and his ability to rally the party and its supporters.

This tension has led to a political war between the two factions, with each side accusing the other of not being committed to the party’s goals and objectives. The situation has become so heated that there have been reports of physical altercations between supporters of both sides in Grand Bahama.

Many FNM members are worried about the impact that this internal conflict will have on the party’s chances in the next election. They believe that a united front is essential for the FNM to win, and that the current division is a hindrance to their efforts.

It has also been alleged that former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is paying FNM supporters to support his faction. This has only added fuel to the fire and has further divided the party, as those who are not receiving payment feel that they are being marginalized. This type of behavior is not only unethical, but it also undermines the democratic process and the principles of fairness and equality that the FNM purports to stand for.

The allegations of financial incentives being offered to supporters has raised concerns about the motives behind Minnis’ actions, and many are questioning whether he truly has the best interests of the party and the country at heart.

Meanwhile, the former PM is calling up potential FNM candidates one by one warning them to stand ready in 2023 when he shall return to the helm of the FNM.

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