More FNMs named as candidates for the DNA and Laing slams McCartney in the Parliament


Dario Terrelli is now the DNA standard bearer for Sea Breeze another former FNM.

Bahamas Press has just learnt another high-powered former FNM will be declared the DNA candidate for Blue Hills. The manager of Seaboard Bahamas, Dario Terrelli, will come up against PLP Potcake, Leslie Miller.

Terrelli will be named this Saturday at the DNA launch in Grand Bahama.

Bahamas Press can confirm Chris Mortimer another former FNM will become the DNA standard bearer for the Seabreeze Constituency. Mortimer is the owner of Galleria Cinemas. He will come up against FNM incumbent Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel and PLP hopeful, HOPE STRACHAN.

Just minutes ago while on a popular talkshow, McCartney denied BP reports that the Mayor for Fort Charlotte, Steve McKinney, will be named as a candidate at the Party’s event on Saturday.

In fact, McCartney noted he has not seen any application from Steve Mckinney to him to appear as a candidate for the Party, and therefore come Saturday he will not be named. McCartney said there will be no announcement for Rodney Moncur, who has applied to the Candidates Committee of the Party.

Last night BP revealed the names of the Executive Committee behind the DNA. They are: Mark Humes, Anna Degregory, Vivia Graham, Dr. Jonathan Rodgers, Steve Mckinney, Patrick Paul, Jeffery Davis, Shema Poitier, C. Allen Johnson, Maggie Colebrook, Branville McCartney, Lisa McCartney [WIFE], Kurt McCartney [Brother], Cyd McCartney [SISTER], Kemia Demeritte, Roscoe Thompson III, and Roscoe Dames.

A miracle baby Bastian shot during the murder of her father held by Rodney Moncur.

We can confirm Moncur will not only be denied a candidacy, but is also being denied a post on the Executive Committee of the Party, even after disbanding his Workers Party.

Meanwhile embattled MP for Marco City, Zhivargo Laing, went on record as he launched a scathing attack on McCartney in theParliament. Laing suggested that he found difficulty in how McCartney fails to honour and respect the institutions of Government. He questioned, how could McCartney seek to lead a country, but cannot find the time to attend the Parliament to do the business of the people?

Not a word of reply has come from the DNA leader to the charges now logged in the records of the House yesterday.


  1. I don’t have a problem if minister Laing wishes to continuously rise in the House to rant against his former cabinet colleague Bran, after all to each the freedom to find different ways to get their jollies, but truthfully folks wouldn’t the minister be more productive if he was spending his time standing up for creating sustaining good paying jobs for the benefit of Bahamians only, but I must step up to the plate for my brothers and sisters to respectfully call upon the honorable prime minister to please speak with the minister and at minimum see to it that he stops showing up in the House on his personal “rant against Bran days” and embarrassing the dignity and decorum of The House.
    I mean PM what will the school students think when visiting he House and there rises a senior minister of the Crown to deliver what is no more than girly punches at Bran, surely PM your minister could not be delivery such girly punches unless he be dressed almost down to his personal root wearing the cutest little sleeveless silk top with much to much of a slit running down the skirt’s side exposing his lack of muscles to help Bahamians find family sustaining paycheck jobs so they can move out from sleeping in their cars and the bushes and back into a comfortable bed and roof over their heads?
    PM isn’t that what a government was elected to do for the people?
    For the sake of Jesus I sure hope Minister Laing is not wearing that “bash Bran day” girly outfit while he’s on-board that 16-seater luxury helicopter with his freeloading buddies and that billionaire?

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