MP questioned in Travoltas extortion case moves to lead the PLP! YUCK!


obie-snitch<<< Obie ‘SNITCH’ Wilchcombe announced his intent to become the deputy leader of the PLP. Boy they desperate nah!


Nassau, BahamasObie ‘SNITCH’ Wilchcombe was doing this week what he does best, ratting to the press news inside the Progressive Liberal Party. This week he decided to move his pink looking slippery lips to announce his decision to run for the deputy leader post in the Party.

News coming out of Grand Bahama confirms Wilchcombe will announce his intent to run on September 4th, in the ballroom of the Our Lucaya Resort.  Wilchcombe has declared his intent on running and therefore he must be prepared to take the heat from our political kitchen.

! Could you imagine what the PLP would look like with a ‘Pussy Cat’ and a ‘SNITCH’ as the number one and two heading the organization? Heckle and Jeckle? Barney and Clyde? DUMB AND DUMBER? Batman and Robber?

If such a cataclysmic event was to take place in the PLP we believe it would be something astronomers around the world should study and descend on these island to begin immediate research on this newly formed asteroid. The thought of Christie and Wilchcombe leading the PLP will be the creation of no ‘New Jerusalem’, but rather, a manifestation of HELL ON EARTH! Particularly for all human beings.plp-rift.jpg

Wilchcombe you would remember is the man US media reports described as having caused a Senator to walk the ‘Bank Lane Shuffle’. They credited him to having orchestrated the conspiracy to extort millions from the Travolta family after the death of their son Jett.

On January 29th when the whole investigation began, global reports quoted Senior Assistant Commissioner Marvin Dames who confirmed that Wilchcombe was under investigation, along with EMT, Tarino Lightbourne, on extortion conspiracy charges. Former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater and lightbourne was formally charged with conspiracy to extort.

Wilchcombe you would also remember had some questionable dealings at the Ministry of Tourism. Obie without ANY CABINET APPROVAL spent $1 million! $1 MILLION!!! Tourism has some sticky fingers and seems to never know how to account the People’s money!

Readers would also remember both Wilchcombe and Bridgewater opened a warehouse constructed by Associated Groceries Ltd. on Grand Bahama. You would remember how the ‘Snitch’ and his sidekick business partner and legal advisor opened the facility just days before the Travolta ordeal. The business, which is under a lease agreement, was named Universal Distributors.

jetttravoltaWe wonder if any member of the WUTLESS MEDIA has taken the time to come up to speed on what is happening with the company now operated by Wilchcombe? BP firstly got a tip from a former employee of the company who confirmed to us that the operators owe staff tons in unpaid salaries.

But BP just cannot go on hearsay, and so we scaled the walls at the National Insurance Board and guess what we discovered? Wilchcombe Company owes NIB thousands in unpaid taxes. You mean to tell us the man isn’t out the gate good and he already has sticky fingers?

We also discovered since the warehouse opened one of the partner’s bank accounts was frozen, therefore staff was shed and others salaries were cut. And that’s not all!

BP now understands the lease agreement on the building is two steps from being canceled by the owner.

To the ‘Snitch’: This is just the beginning of many things to come. We haven’t touch the SCANDALS involving Bahamasair and the bleachers. Save yourself the global/national embarrassment, and get out of the race. Please spare us another international embarrassment! Oh and please of GOODNESS SAKE, STOP BEING A SNITCH!


Wilchcombe outside police headquarters just after being questioned by police in the Travoltas extortion investigation.


  1. @JR
    You know something JR, the more you write I’m beginning to think this is not just Mrs. Christie, but the PUSSY CAT himself. The 2 million readers tired, but your certainly not one of them. LOL!

    “He is arch-mediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void.” CHRISTIE! CHRISTIE! CHISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL>LOL<LOL<LOL OH GOODNESS I GA LIVE LONG THEN DEAD! This just knocks me off my chair every time you come on here JR.

    Well we ain’t coming on here tonight to hit at you in the morning but three of your friends in the media will be up for discussion OK? Stay tuned OK? LOL!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: And I think you will not like the topic.

  2. Seriously Media, this is really silly of you. You have no basis for this foolishness but if thats what gets you off then so be it. I noticed that you have not bothered to answer any questions again. Just more name calling. That act is getting old and I am sure that the other 2 million 999,999 readers are getting tired of it too. Deal with the issues and stop trying to deflect with stupid assumptions and name calling. I thought you guys were more advanced than that. Anyway, you need to ask Troy why he ain’t break the hot news of what he running for with you. Thats your boy and you can’t get that out of him? What happen Troy, cat got your tongue? See, BP, I could use the cat analogies too. I got one for you too but I won’t go there. LMAO!

  3. @JR

    “He is arch-mediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void.” CHRISTIE! CHRISTIE! CHISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy Troy you see how you pull Christie out of the bed. the minute you said JR!!!!!!! that PUSSY CAT came running for milk. Well BP is BACK and is now online! To deal with him/her.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. @TP

    I think a misconception here is that I have an issue with BP dishing out dirt on people. That is not true but I can’t expect closed minded dweebs to see that. What I have a problem with is the hypocrisy and the outright lying that BP resorts to to promote some things that are just not so. BP loves to claim to be fair and honest, yet, they hide behind a website and claim to fear no one. Real bloggers write under their own name. They have gotten caught up in so many contradictions on their own site that I bust out laughing every time they try to claim to be “journalists” and “unbiased” and “honest.” Well monkey foot. LOL. But you are right, the irony of BP calling people snitches and questioning their honor when they themselves are snitches and without honor is something that I don’t think they get. It just sails right over their heads.

  5. @Troy

    Big man, you were throwing your lil jeers and piling on when BP was doing their thing too plus you talk too much to people who you think are into you and I have heard some of what you have had to say Mr. straight shooter and if it is true, I am not impressed at all. Maybe you should straightshoot what your intentions are in the convention. Break that news on BP or do you need me to do it for you? Do it now and you might get a coveted BP endorsement. 3 million readers! LOL



  7. @JR

    I am not a PLP matter of fact I support the FNM whole heartedly, but I hold no brief with Mr Christie, and I say when the dust settles let the best man win.
    If BP wants to talk about who is a snitch he should start with him self/ He should talk about the role he played with Kojak, and how he sang like a canary to the DEA.He snitched on Everette Bannister and he snitched on sir Lynden

  8. Muh bey, i already told you that I am not Mrs. Christie. I got a penis and a pair of balls between these legs and they are attached to me. I know Mr. & Mrs. Christie and because I have refuted your stupid lies, does not mean that I am her. Maybe that lil boy with the girl name should have thought about the fact that just like him, people do talk about things with their friends too. Now with that said, should I call your names now? Is that what we’re doing here? Or should I just call you by your nickname that only your close friends and family know? Would you then think that this is still Mrs. Christie? Eh, Cow?

    You seem to know only what you want to know and you know damn well what the deal is with that boy Paul and his followers but you don’t have the balls to write that. I wonder which one of them you’re related to. Hmmmm. BP, you are really a piece of work but don’t worry, the truth will soon come out and you won’t have a damn thing to say then. Wait, let me change that. You will try to say you knew all along. Your boy may be dirty and you won’t even acknowledge it, talking bout present evidence. You are the chief speculator BP, why all of a sudden you need information when you yourself hardly present anything by way of evidence. Aren’t you the deep digger? Why don’t you tell the people that Troy Garvey is running for a position too and that is why he round here badmouthing Christie. Talk that.

    Hey Troy, got some Shakespeare or Farky for that one?

    • Deep within the compound of the Christie estate on Cable Beach is JR. Jr. say she has balls, VELL MUDDO!~ LOL! I’m lovin this!

      “He is arch-mediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void.” CHRISTIE! CHRISTIE! CHISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. Isn’t this the point of having elections BP? Anyone can enter and the voters will decide who is worthy or not to lead. Why must any candidate get out of the race on your say so? That makes no sense. If BP has the clout it loves to claim it has, then it will show in the results. BP endorses Paul Moss. Okay, lets see what happens when the delegates vote. If BP’s power is as omnipotent as you like to remind us, Perry will loose and Paul will win, Obie will lose and whoever BP is pimping for deputy will win, Glenis will win, and on and on. Thats what voting and campaigning is all about. Now tell me this BP, since you have shown that you are interested in the dirt of some people and not others. Why have you not told the story about Paul and the IBCs and why Hubert kicked him out of the FNM? I would think that story is just as relevant as Obie’s problems, don’t you think? If you are fair, you will write it. If you know all as you love to claim, you will write it. If not, you prove that you are neither fair or as informed as you would like to think. Start digging BP.

    • Mrs Christie, first of all welcome back! If you have information on the young man who will challenge your husband, SEND IT to us []. Come clean, open with the fact. State the details and support it with the evidence, NOT SPECULATION! In the absence of that, keep quiet and start working the phones for Christie, because he will need it. THE AXE IS LAID AT THE ROOT OF THE TREE and it ain’t long nah!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      PS: Oh and the deputy leader we endorse and is BACKING now you ask is HON. Philip Brave DAVIS! Bahamas Press has endorse him as the next deputy leader of the PLP! NO SPIN! We don’t hide that!

      Also we will be in contact with our affilites at to update them on the SNITCH!

  10. I see nothing wrong with obie running for leader or deputy. You people need to check out the other leaders in the PLP and FNM party and see if there are any skeleton in their closet. BEST WISHES OBIE the PLP need you

  11. @KK
    Yes, check out the Guardian today. Rigby and Obie at odds! Rigby calls for Obie to step down as chairman of the convention. Obie then attacks Rigby and makes it about Rigby having an agenda! Again the makings of the weakling Christie. I heard that there were rumblings about Obie being convention chairman for a while but of course PC talk behind his back but does nothing. If the top is weak surely the bottom will crumble. Yes BP Christie has to go!

  12. canesfins :

    KK :
    Talk about drilling holes in a sinking boat! When will the PLP learn!

    I dont understand your comment. Anyone can run in the election, that is the purpose for party election. Now your comments might have relevance after the convention depending on who wins what positions

    I never said that he couldn’t run in the election. My point is that right now the PLP is in a state of disarray and only those inside the party refuse to acknowledge it. Now is the time for new blood, new ideas and forward thinking/planning (for which I was happy to see persons like yourself represent). Obie is still tangled in the situation with Pleasant which will begin to unfold within the next few months. If he has real love for his party, he would avoid opening the door to scandal (especially since the party has already had its fair share).

    One of the biggest problems is that the PLP old guards refuse to take a seat. Now i’m not saying that the FNM doesn’t have its share but right now they are the government and the PLP should be trying to present themselves as a viable option.

    As ‘William’ said, I expect this to become nasty and draw more unneeded negative attention towards the party.

    • And KK he [OBIE] has already brought a Senator down and now he seeks to bring down the whole Party!? They would be a band of JACKASSES if this allow him to SLICK WILLIE himself into the race! DAMN SNITCH!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  13. I have my favourites but that does NOT stop any others from running once they meet the requirements!!!! Is this a Democracy or what???

    BP can have its favourites but BP cannot tell anyone they cannot run for any position in the PLP.. Maybe that’s how it works in the FNM but NOT in the PLP!!!

    BP needs to get over it and understand how a democracy works!!

  14. canesfins :

    KK :Talk about drilling holes in a sinking boat! When will the PLP learn![Reply]

    I dont understand your comment. Anyone can run in the election, that is the purpose for party election. Now your comments might have relevance after the convention depending on who wins what positions

    I agree 100%!!

  15. The PLP has no reason to wait until the FNM mess up because they already have. The PLP must find a way to reflect its people and attract swing voters. They must listen to the people and not PLPs because PLPs will vote PLP any way. The PLP need to stop and hear the cry of the people or the people will shut them up again

  16. The PLPs problems are much more bigger then who the leader or deputy leader is… it seems that the PLP is sitting waiting for the FNM to mess up, meanwhile the PLP still has a lot of explaining to do for their sins May 2, 2002 to May 2 2007 and even for their action while in opposition….

    I say let perry lead he is the only one that can help the PLP in 2012..

  17. @progressive
    PLP aren’t going to allow new and different people in to contest leadership positions. If Paul Moss does I say kudos to him for trying to break the chain.

  18. KK :
    Talk about drilling holes in a sinking boat! When will the PLP learn!

    I dont understand your comment. Anyone can run in the election, that is the purpose for party election. Now your comments might have relevance after the convention depending on who wins what positions

  19. We the PLP must ask ourselves, are we more concerned with being leaders in opposition or being equal contributers to the winning party. None of these names are attractive to the swing voters out there. With Christie, with Brave, with Obie with Shane,….none of these persons are attractive they are unpopular and tainted with the voting public. Why can’t we see that? Please, lets focus on winning the Government, not just Deputy and leader of the party. I ask, what is truly more important?

  20. Come on people! If Obie was drunk, high, delusional and oblivious all at once he would know he has no chance at winning. The man was a journalist. He’s just going after his LAST 15 minutes of fame.

  21. If Obie really wants to help the PLP he should reconsider running as deputy leader. He does not have a good reputation, especially after allowing himself to be mixed up in that extortion scheme with the Travoltas. I could see him doing his party more harm than good. It’s time for him to put aside his selfish desires and think about what is in the best interest of the party.

  22. And a pleasant goodafternoon BP. It is clear no one is fit to lead the PLP or is worthy of such position at this time with the exception of Paul Moss. Gee he must be a squeeky clean guy to earn BP’S approval. Question, if BP supports Mr. Corvette “bling bling ” Mosss for leader who in the hell is worthy of Deputy leadership status? Kenyatta Gibson I assume? Just asking.

    Once again I am going to give BP the winning ticket for the PLP in the next elections. Glenys Hanna Martin(Leader and the next Prime Minister) Jerome Fitzgerald (Deputy leader and the next Deputy Prime Minister)
    We should also pay homage to the legacy of a good Bahamian Mr. Christie for his emaculent gracefullness in keeping the seat of leadership warm.

    Paul Moss who is pouted to become a potential first timer to the House of Assembly will become a good Minister of Consumer Affairs, or a good Minister of Social Services. Paul is kool and his time will come. Allow him to develop so he can fully maximize his potential.

    ” Don’t rush me cause I enn ready yet”

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