1. @LIZARD
    It gives me great joy to answer this question. Joe Blow is another blogger who have been missing in action for a quite while now and this isn’t really like him. He was very intelligent and he has always managed to always remain very positive whenever making any type of comments. Everybody on here knew Joe had a deep love and admiration for the FNM, because he never hided the way he felt about them. He was always coming to their defense whenever somebody said something about them that he didn’t agree with. In the beginning we didn’t see eye to eye on many topics, because I always felt he was blinded by anything that had to do with Hubert Ingraham and the FNM. Even though there were things we did not always agreed on, we developed a mutual respect for each other. Joe always took the time to motivate and teach people something meaningful and helpful. I have learned so much from him and I hope he comes back soon.

  2. Where is Joe Blow though? I know he would have had something positive to say about all these things that are going on in this country. I miss Joe and I hope he is in Canada having a lot fun and not in jail or sick or anything. Lol!! I was just joking about that jail part, he seems like a pretty decent guy who would do no wrong, so where is he?