Murder count climbs by two overnight to fourteen for the year


Three shot two die as a gunman opens fire into a crowd

Breaking UPDATE: Bahamas Press is reporting the victim #1 to be 24-year-old, F. Alexandria Genice Farrinton, a resident of Farrington Road in Chippingham. The male victim #2 is 26-year-old, Anthony Miller, a resident of Gibbs Corner, just off East Street.

Nassau Bahamas – There is more bloodshed on the streets of the capital this morning, and today it is violent as if some war has erupted in the country.

We can confirm there was a double murder overnight, which occurred near the New Mackey Yard area.

According to eyewitnesses, a fight broke out during a party sometime around 2am this morning. As the ‘cussin’ and fighting erupted, a male in possession of a handgun, opened fire on the crowd gathered hitting a female and male fatally.

Both victims were transported to the hospital via private vehicle. The female died on arrival, and the male died in the theatre.

We can report a third female victim who was shot in the leg survived.

The incident pushes the murder count to 14 for the year.

We report yinner decide!