Oban Deal has more serious issues than the Environmental fallout – forgery!


Dear Editor,

The Bahamas National Trust has come out strongly against the Oban Energies deal the Government has signed citing potential environmental damage to the nearby National Parks.

Their concerns are reasonable and coming from the country’s most important environmental group add weight to the controversy surrounding this arrangement.

But the main reason to reject the deal is more fundamental than potential environmental fall out. The Rule Of Law comes to mind.

Signing someone else’s name to a legal document as reported, otherwise known as forgery, is sufficient evidence to reject the deal in and of itself.

While the country’s economy remains on the ropes with few prospects in sight, desperation to get something done is a real political phenomenon, but one cannot fathom that the Government and its Parliament – the elected body of rule makers keeping us all in check – could in all conscience allow this charade to continue.

Yours in Liberty,
Rick Lowe