OFF-DUTY RESERVE Officer GUNNED DOWN on Grand Bahama at a club last night….


Is this another Gay Murder wuth a love triangle?

Police are looking for suspect on the left who is alleged to be the shooter. Reserve Officer #3518 Jessica Thompson, 23, was shot dead at a club on Grand Bahama.

Nassau, Bahamas – Police on Grand Bahama are investigating a shooting incident that has left reserve officer #3518 Jessica Thompson shot dead.

Here’s what we know: POLICE on Saturday evening, shortly after 9:00pm, police were called to a club on Oakes Street where reports of gunshots were heard.

On arrival at the scene officers met the lifeless body of the 23-year-old female lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the body.

This is sad because someone at that club must know something! Dey know who she might have been with at the time, and they should step forward.

Police tell us they are actively investigating this matter and are appealing to the general public for anyone with any information that can assist with this investigation to call them at telephone numbers 350-3107 thru 12, 919/911 or call your nearest police station.

This incident comes following a quiet week with not one homicide incident.

Some believe this might be another case of an unstable relationship gone bad.

We report yinner decide!