Opposition admits Michael Pintard works for Save The Bays but stops short of answering why he failed to take information he knew about ‘hitmen’ to the police!


The Government of The Bahamas Must Clear its Name

Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis - Leader of the FNM
Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis – Leader of the FNM

By Dr. Hubert Minnis
Leader of the Opposition

Nassau, NP, Bahamas 13th March 2016 – A number of very serious and grave allegations have been raised against Mr. Peter Nygard and his associates in the Bahamas over the last few days. These damaging allegations have now been picked up by International media outlets; and once again The Bahamas faces the humiliation of being branded “a Nation for Sale” because of serious allegations made against members of a PLP Government!

These accusations against Nygard, which include defamation, intimidation, threats of harm and death as well as soliciting hit men, are detailed in documents filed before the Bahamian courts. Furthermore, a most significantly, tape recordings featuring Mr. Nygard and two alleged Associates of Deputy Prime Minister, Philip Davis, reveal the influence Mr. Nygard feels he has over the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of The Bahamas. In fact, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis has also publicly acknowledged that he personally knows the two individuals.

The FNM calls on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas to specifically confirm or deny the assertions made by Nygard against several Cabinet Ministers and especially the Prime Minister. Furthermore, we call on the government to completely repudiate any suggested gang affiliations, association or interactions!

We also call on the government to completely repudiate Peter Nygard who obviously has no respect for our elected officials and the rule of law in The Bahamas. He has proven repeatedly that that he is unfit to be in The Bahamas.

The latest indication of the extent of Nygard’s arrogance and disdain for the country’s leadership are captured in his own words on the recently released recording. In the recordings the following allegations emerged:

1. Nygard claims to have “sponsored “the PLP to the tune of $5 million.

2. He further contends that he has the party’s finances. Nygard gives the clear impression that he is able to “lay down the law” to the Prime Minister of The Bahamas.

3. He claims that he along with a prominent numbers boss were the major funders of the PLP in 2012.

4. That without Nygard, and two individuals’ described as’ the muscle”, the PLP cannot win an election

5. That the Prime Minister made certain promises, and that he, Nygard, is now upset that they have not all been realized. That among these promises is that Nygard would be allowed to build on government land.

6. That despite ongoing court cases including injunctions preventing works at Nygard Cay, Christie’s government issued a permit to let these banned works move forward.

7. That other members of the Cabinet – specifically the Deputy Prime Minister and Shane Gibson – are helping Nygard “push” the Prime Minister to do Nygard’s bidding.

8. Nygard clearly seems to suggest that he has the government “in his pocket”.

Nygard, who has enjoyed intimate ties to the PLP, was allegedly behind the shameful KKK-style hate demonstration that tarnished our premier annual cultural event – Junkanoo last year. He is now accused of orchestrating a campaign of violence and intimidation against upstanding citizens of The Bahamas such as Fred Smith, Joseph Darville, Romauld Ferreira, Rev. CB Moss and Pericles Maillis. It is further alleged in court documents that as a result of this campaign, at least one senior government official was apparently harassed and threatened in an effort to ensure Nygard got his way. On the recently released tapes Nygard is heard to repeatedly disparage a judge of the Supreme Court of The Bahamas.

While a court of law will determine the facts before it and the punishment, if all allegations are proven correct, we in the FNM believe that based on all we know of Permanent Resident Peter Nygard and his dealings in The Bahamas for many years he, despite some philanthropic work, appears to have abused his privileges in The Bahamas in the worst possible ways.

The FNM has always been made aware of the relationship that Mr. Michael Pintard, National Chairman, has had with the Save the Bays organization (a genuine Bahamian environmental group) as a member thereof from its early days, and also with the Bahamian Law Firm of Callenders & Co., who have retained his professional services for the past four years So far as the FNM is aware there is nothing untoward in the Party Chairman’s involvement with a non-profit environmental group and their Firm of Bahamian Attorneys.

Chairman of the FNM now in on conversation with alleged – HITMEN!!!

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