Paul Rolle to demit office as COP in JUNE! Independence Celebrations and The People’s Rush to be held this JULY!


DCP Clayton Fernander to become the new HIGH COMMAND of the RBPF

Clayton Fernander
COP Rolle

NASSAU| BAHAMAS PRESS can now confirm the Cabinet of the Bahamas has decided on the appointment of a New Commissioner of Police. 

We can confirm Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle shall demit office in JUNE this year, just before the country’s 49th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations. Divisional commanders were given notice of the events and advised to notify and release teams for these special events.

We can confirm Deputy Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander shall assume controls of the HIGH COMMAND of the Royal Bahamas Police Force by which the full weight in the management of policing will come. He, as discribed in the constitution, will become the CROWN’s protector of LAW AND ORDER!

The Bahamas Government has also decided to hold an outdoor celebration on Clifford Park returning the festivities for the 49th Independence Celebrations in grand style for the Bahamian people. There is no more curfew!

Following independence a junkanoo rush-out shall also get underway called DA PEOPLE’s RUSH!

We report yinner decide!