Pineapple thieves run off with hundreds of dollars just before back-to-school!


Scores wait outside closed Pineapple store where thousands were collected but never paid!

Hundred stood outside the East Street South building where Pineapple operators collected thousands without paying VAT with a promise to get money in return. One of the Organizers was able to move thousands through the banks unregulated. HOW DAT HAPPENED?

Will this group who operated an illegal PONZI FRAUD SCAM now be Charged?

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press has now identified suspect #1 in the Big Time Pineapple heist.

Your BP, who is now the only watchdog for da People, took our message of the crime by Pineapple to the social media.

Thousands were collected before we knew what was being done to Bahamians. Shop Closed. And Pineapple operators ran off with da money.

BP is now exposing Tessah Munro, who we learned is a big-time FNM who is also a Torchbearer!

Bring back the People Money and Bring It Back Now.

Meanwhile we understand some three men with gasoline were arrested at Pineapple Express Headquarters for threats of Arson and Bodily Harm.

We report yinner decide!