Hon. Fred Mitchell


28 July 2011

The Progressive Liberal Party expresses deep concerns for the residents of New Providence and in particular, those citizens in the Fox Hill community. These concerns follow on the heels of the execution style murder of Kenton Dion Knowles (also known as “Emperor”) last night becoming the Country’s 81st murder.

Over the past several weeks, the Fox Hill community has been gripped with crime and the fear of crime as a number of shoot-outs involving rival criminals rocked the area. Although Emperor was killed outside the area (i.e. in the Faith Avenue/Sir Milo Butler Highway area), his death stems from an ongoing war within the Fox Hill community.

While I commend the Police for their quick response to the incidents over the past several weeks, as a concerned citizen and the Member of Parliament for Fox Hill, I call upon the FNM Government to do more to arrest this situation before innocent persons are killed.

I wish to emphasize that it is simply not good enough for the FNM Government to say that persons involved in crime are the ones who are the victims in this killing spree and these are just revenge killings; they too are Bahamians. Moreover, these incidents are occurring in our homes, our businesses and on our streets in close proximity to innocent people. The innocent has already been caught up and maimed and murdered during these incidents. Our Country is likely to set a new homicide record by year’s end. The Government must have a comprehensive plan to address the issues of crime, disorder and justice.

On behalf of the PLP, I call upon the FNM Government to:

  • Supply the requisite resources to the Royal Bahamas Police Force to heighten police visibility with the community
  • Provide the police with the necessary resources and equipment to enhance their  intelligence-gathering capabilities
  • Reintroduce the Swift Justice Initiative to track ALL murder and high profile cases to ensure timely trials
  • Introduce initiatives that interest and engage the community (i.e. the Church, business community, civic and nongovernmental organizations) as an effective means to prevent, reduce and control crime by the community taking responsibility for the transformation of their own community


  1. @Give me a break, you’ll should of told the same ting to Mr. Run Tommy Run back then when he was all round the place pointing his fingers at Mother Pratt,that when he was point one finger at Mother Pratt 3 other fingers where pointing rite back at him and the FNM, no and by the way he get 82 fingers pointing at him now what you say about that.

  2. As always there is a disconnect with in the political system. While asking the present admistration to ‘do something’ abou the crime problem in Fox Hill, the MP for this area has been seen doing little in the way of bringing this area together. Yes he has been seen walking the area but at anytime has he called on the residents to come together against crime and help the police? And has he gone into the churches to have the church leaders assist in this cause?
    To ask the Government, which he is amember of being an MP, to ‘do something’ is poitless with getting the people that live in the area motivatied to help and keep it a safe area.

  3. @Pratty,Give me a break,gwen
    It is unfortunate that the three of you do not add up to having a brain.A Murder has occured and the MP for the area is only asking the Govt to supply the necessary resources that they would need to fight Crime.I always laugh when talk show hosts lament the fact that Opposition members of Parliament seem to be quiet on issues when we all kmow that political opologists like yourselves miss any points raised and make important matters political fodder.I try to abstain from commenting to any points by persons of your ilk but I note that the three of you are using the same computer and typing from the same script.While you are receiving instructions from your handlers tell them to reintroduce Urban Renewal in the Fox Hill area in the same format they met it when coming to power.Read what I said carefully,(sorry if you cant comprehend) before responding.Speak to issues and leave the politics out of the discussion.Since you are unaware it is the duty of all citizens to request responses from the sitting only they can provide resources.MP Mitchell seems to be providing the leadership in Fox Hill so lets support him regardless of our political persuasions.

  4. but, this fellow was a murderer when you were a minister in the government and represented the people of that area. you knew about it. you are one stupid faggot.

  5. As the sitting MP for this area why are you calling on the FNM to do something. Why dont you get of your backside and go into your area and plead to your constituents to come forward with information; why are you not implementing programs in your constituency to curb against gang violence. The fact of the matter is this country will only get better one community at a time. Until you stop pointing the finger and roll up your seleves and get to work it will always be much of the same.

    Mr. Mitchell, please remember when you point one finger at the FNM, there are three fingers pointing right back at you!!! The people of Fox Hill elected YOU. Get of you A$$ and do something.

  6. Hey BP how come you’ll don’t have anything about the murder this morning 29/7/11? a man was found shot around 3am, i heard it on zns news this morning

  7. BP how come you have nothing to say about the death threat on Mr Wildgecome life.You claim to be the real news tell us about this.All of the other papers are talking about it

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