PLP Governing Party facing complete defeat in Northern Bahamas save in the seat of Bimini and West End polls reflect…


PLP Government set on the road of destruction in two months – BP is headed to the Mediterranean for a long April and May vacation…

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

PLP could be headed to ELECTION DEFEAT!

Freeport, Bahamas – Bahamas Press’ latest polls coming into our desks for the next general elections confirm the Progressive Liberal Party has lost the entire Northern Bahamas’ seats save the community of Bimini and West Grand Bahama.

Sources on the ground tell us a decimated and busted economy where growth is negative shall hurt the Governing party in the weeks ahead.

BBB Analytics numbers also show a complete rejection of the PLP in its North Abaco seat once held by the FNM and won by the PLP in a by-election back in 2012.

Right now the numbers show that, if an election was held today, the PLP would scrap up less than 40% of the electorate in that part of the country with the Free National Movement gathering a whopping 58% of the votes. A struggling DNA and independents will hold less than two percent of those polled across a seven-constituency area. This is not good.

The polls reflect seriously damaged and poor election planning exercises of the PLP which is now managing a campaign set for defeat.

We report yinner decide!