PM Christie calls for Justice Rhonda Bain to recuse herself for Judicial Review case initiated by Louis Bacon’s Save Da Bays….


Justice Rhonda Bain must think we cannot see eh? If yinner so bold to undermine the system then yall must know we are not afraid to speak!

Justice Rhonda Bain and Prime Minister Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas – “There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See” and the proverb is true for Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays that is now in a fight against the Christie Government!

This week Prime Minister Christie, who has been caught up in the long legal battle between Louis Bacon and Peter Nygard, asked the Supreme Court to have Justice Rhonda Bain recuse herself in a Judicial Review case over land at Simms Point [Nygard Cay].

The Review was brought by the man who called black Bahamians “Racists” last week, Fred Smith, and he has filed a plethora of legal battles before the courts, silencing the Parliament, The Guardian, The Freeport News, while hauling before the Courts everyone from the PM to noted journalists and lawyers who dare to mention the HOLY AND SACRED NAME OF Louis Moore Bacon.

You would recall these are the same people [Louis Bacon and his minions at Save the Bays] who have now hijacked the Free National Movement in a move to destabilize and remove from office the duly elected Government of the Bahamas.

Last year Bahamas Press broke a bombshell report exposing the facts of how Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays hired former US investigators to concoct a murder for hire plot which concluded that two men [who have now told a different story] were hired by Save the Bays to tell damnable lies in affidavits published in the Tribune against Peter Nygard.

This is Incredible!

According to court documents filed by one of Mr. Christie’s attorneys, Ryszard Humes, on January 26, the Prime Minister has argued that Justice Bain has reached the legal age for retirement and should therefore recuse herself from the judicial review or any other cases in which he is a party.

The motion was filed by Mr Christie in his capacity as Minister responsible for Crown land.

An affidavit filed by Ms Humes, of the firm Munroe & Associates, said: “Her ladyship has reached the age of retirement for a sitting judge in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas and that the basis of this is information that the Chief Justice of the Bahamas, at the opening of the legal year, stated that her Ladyship has applied for an extension as a Supreme Court judge of the Bahamas.

“The pay and benefits paid by the public purse to a serving and sitting Supreme Court judge are higher than that paid by the public purse to a retired Supreme Court judge. This information is supplied to me by review of the government of the Bahamas’ website on salaries and review of the Judges Remuneration and Pensions Act.

“That the first respondent (Mr Christie) asks that her Ladyship step down so as to recuse herself from the further hearing of this action and in any of the other related actions to which the first respondent is a party.”

Justice Bain was appointed as a Supreme Court justice on August 14, 2009.

Readers must now began asking some serious questions like: How did so many cases for Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays end up in the hands of two members of the judiciary who appear to be almost unable to write judgments or bring closure on these matters?

Boy, we could play doll house and pussyfoot in this town eh?

We report yinner decide!