PM DAVIS: Happy Jubilee Day!


Dear Students of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Happy Jubilee Day! This is a special day in which we all can celebrate. Fifty years ago, the founding fathers of The Bahamas that we know and love today, made great sacrifices, and broke barriers, to usher in a new Bahamas – an Independent Bahamas. This new Bahamas is the one we enjoy today. One in which the people are responsible for their own governance. One in which we enjoy freedoms such as one person, one vote. One in which we can equally participate in the advancement of our country. This means, as young people, the future is in your hands! We have decided to set aside this special day for you and your friends, all across The Bahamas, to celebrate your country together. I encourage you to find unique ways today to show your love and pride for this beautiful country of ours. Whether you love to paint or draw, beat drums or shake cowbells, write poetry or essays, dance to the beat or have great conversations with friends you meet; whatever you love to do, do it today with Jubilee. Celebrate yourselves today. You are beautiful inside and out. You are special. You are important. You are valued. You are Bahamian! Prime Minister Philip Davis, KC, MP May 5, 2023