PM Davis on Fr Kendrick Forbes appointment as Bishop Elect…


PM DAVIS: I am delighted to extend my warmest congratulations to Reverend Father Kendrick Forbes, a son of Long Island, on his appointment by Pope Francis as the Bishop of the Diocese of Roseau, Dominica.

Reverend Father Kendrick Forbes has been a pillar of faith and leadership in our community, and his dedication to the spiritual and moral guidance of his congregation has been truly admirable. His new role is a reflection of his steadfast faith and his relentless devotion to serving the church and its followers.

As Bishop-Elect, Father Forbes is poised to bring his deep commitment and insightful leadership to the Diocese of Roseau. I am confident that he will continue to lead with grace and wisdom, inspiring all those around him.

The people of The Bahamas are proud of Father Forbes’s achievements and we are excited about the positive impacts of his pastoral leadership in Dominica. We wish him all the best as he prepares to take on this significant new responsibility.