PM Minnis ABANDONED by Desmond Bannister! Carmichael MP does not want Minnis offer!


Bannister hiding deep in Kamalame Cay tonight and is avoiding PM Minnis!

PM Minnis and Desmond Bannister.

Nassau, Bahamas – The collapse of the Minnis Administration has already started and if yinner believe only Adrian Gibson has a problem with the new government, guess what is happening right now at Kamalame Cay.

BP teams was down in Andros tonight trying to get over our cut-A following the May 10th General Election, and we came over to rest. But guess who walked in the door with a fine ‘lil’ ting as we were having our drinks? Desmond Bannister, who even the government reported was away doing a procedure. What is dis tonight!

Bannister, we understand, is now hiding deep down in the back of Andros to avoid PM Minnis’ appointment to Works. According to our Cabinet source who we got on the tele right away. Our source, who is taking all kind a heat for our leaks, say the Carmichael MP does not want to sit in the already crumbling Minni Cabinet, and is making every excuse to avoid an appointment. Minnis needs Bannister in, but Bannister wants to stay out!

Now this is interesting because we told y’all how Fox Hill gal, “Miss Better Than People”, was being considered for the Works job.

We understand Bannister had wanted to become the Minister for Education if the FNM won but Minnis opted to give Jeffery Lloyd the top post after defeating da PLP.

And so Bannister is ducking. And from what we see, sipping over our cold drink, he is having one fine time tonight with LIL’ TING!

We report yinner decide!