PM Minnis shows contempt for Bahamians by calling us Corrupt!


PM Minnis and Ministers continue to call Bahamians corrupt in front of the Global Community! WHAT CONTEMPT!

Former Prime Minister Pindling and current PM Hubert Minnis.

Nassau – We remember Sir Lynden on the world stage telling investors of the transformations taking place in the Bahamas.

Enticing them about our safe, stable and secure our banking products were, and how attractive tourism products became. Sir Lynden would host world leaders reminding them of the stable political environment in the Bahamas, which added a huge advantage for investors to do business here.

Sir Lynden defended the Bahamas for all Bahamians transforming the landscape of our country for years to come.

But today we have a Prime Minister who travels around the world with huge ‘Gussiemae’ Delagations calling Bahamians corrupt. Telling businesspersons it aint safe. Calling us thieves and crooks. Pure contempt for Bahamians on the world stage.

We guess this is da People’ s Time Message!