Prime Minister Davis Touts the Importance of Ambassador Appointments

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

NASSAU, The Bahamas – During the Commissioning Ceremony of Ambassadors, on August 3, 2022, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis said that it had never been so important for The Bahamas to play its part on the world stage.

“Today’s appointments attest to the range, breadth and depth of our international relationships,” Prime Minister Davis said, at the ceremony held at the Baha Mar Convention Center. “They also evidence our intention and ability, as a fully sovereign nation, to promote areas of special interest and relevance to our
national development.”

Prime Minister Davis pointed out that, given The Bahamas’ small size in terms of geography and population, during his government’s past nearly eleven months in office, the nation had been “punching well above our weight”.

He said: “We are making sure that our circumstances and points of view are given consideration when important decisions are being made. We are strengthening relationships with investors, grantors an creditors. We are expanding our tourism industry, as the Bahamian brand takes on greater meaning beyond sun, sand and sea.”

The Bahamas’ Ambassadors, he added, have key roles to play in ensuring that the country’s voices are heard, and interests promoted. “When they speak for us, they will show the world what we are made
of,” Prime Minister Davis said. “I am proud that our cadre of Ambassadors is drawn from the best amongst us.”

He also spoke briefly on each Ambassador. “Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Joseph R. Curry will be a bridge between our nation and the Vatican,” Prime Minister Davis said. “He is a devoted Catholic, who ably represented our nation as a foreign service officer, and has had great success as President of ITICS, specialising in investment, business and trade consultancy.”

“His Excellency Sebastian J. Bastian is the kind of entrepreneur known as a disruptor – he didn’t just build successful new companies, he changed gaming, media and e-commerce along the way,” he added. “His love for The Bahamas is evident; he is one of the nation’s leading philanthropists. I have confidence in his ability to advance our country’s interests and deepen our relationship with Central America.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that Ambassador-Designate William Wong was born and raised in The Bahamas. “In his career, he has been a leader and a trailblazer, serving two terms as president of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, and two terms as the president of the Bahamas Real Estate Association,” he said. “I know he will do much to advance our country’s diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of Morocco.”

“Dr. Dexter Gregory Johnson, Ambassador- Designate to The Federative Republic of Brazil, is a son of Cat Island, and an extraordinarily accomplished doctor and surgeon — who looks to be creating a new dynasty, as he is also the father of Princeton University’s first black valedictorian in that institution’s 274- year history,” Prime Minister Davis added. “Mr. Johnson’s appointment to The Federative Republic of Brazil is evidence of our administration’s continued commitment to our friendship with South America.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that Taran Spencer Mackey, Ambassador-Designate to the State of Kuwait, is a Director at the Bank of The Bahamas, specializing in trust and estate planning, with oversight and administration of over two billion dollars.

“This young Bahamian is also a Director of the Bahamas Financial Services Board and Co-Chairman of their Immigration Sub-Committee,” he said. “I am confident our country will benefit from his talent and expertise as he represents our interest in Kuwait.”

Prime Minister Davis noted that the final two appointments he would mention would serve as Ambassadors-at-Large. Rick Fox and Christopher Brown are both men with a long history of success carrying our country’s flag abroad — Rick Fox as an actor and a former NBA player, and Chris ‘Fireman’ Brown as an Olympian track and field star,” he said.

No matter how far they traveled from home, they remained devoted to The Bahamas. As Ambassadors-at-Large, they will have new opportunities to represent us and make us proud.

“As each of you goes forward to represent our Bahamas on the world stage, I am confident that you will undertake your duties faithfully and well, and serve our country with distinction,” Prime Minister Davis said to the Ambassadors. “We wish you Godspeed.”

Acting Governor General Cynthia Mother Pratt, Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C. and Mrs Ann Marie Davis, Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Fred Mitchell (seated). Ambassadors appointed included Joseph Curry, designate to the Holy See, Dr. Dexter Johnson, designate to Brazil, William Wong, designate to Morocco, Taran Mackey, designate to Kuwait, Sebas Bastian appointed as Ambassador-designate to Central America (he was appointed Ambassador to South Africa by the former Minnis Government) and Rick Fox and Chris Brown as ambassadors-at-large.