Young Abaco resident dies with the bends following a crawfish diving expedition…


Greater training must be done to certify divers or more will die with the bends!

Randall Sawyer, 15
A young captain Sawyer loved the waters

ABACO| Bahamas Press is reporting another sad diving incident, this time in the Cherokee Sound, Abaco community.

BP is reporting the death of 15-year-old diver Randall Sawyer who died on Thursday while joining a fishing crew for the lobster season. 

Young Sawyer was hit with the bends just after resurfacing from the waters. He was flown to Nassau but, with only one hyperbaric chamber operational, he didn’t make it. This must change. One source told us none of the hyperbaric chambers are working in the country. 

With the lobster season having opened it means this becomes an even more serious situation at sea for divers operating vessels. 

Bahamas Press believes the situation is even more serious than this. Are divers being trained sufficiently to understand the dangers when going in depths for long periods without proper training and decompression equipment?

Also, what measures are being taken by boaters operating these dive operations to protect their teams? THIS IS SERIOUS!

So far some 24 persons have died in waters surrounding the Bahamas and this latest update makes the 25th person perish in just two weeks! 

We pray for the families of all who suffer loss, specifically the family of young Sawyer in Abaco. May his soul rest in peace.

We report yinner decide!