Radio personality falls out with her Priest after he warned her about being a cougar


Nassau, Bahamas — A popular radio personality is vacillating upon hearing the news that her toy boy hubby is set to marry a fine drop-dead gorgeous beauty.

The young senior member of the DNA has decided to end the love affair with the senior cougar, who has passed the age of 50. In an order by party leader, Branville McCartney, all senior members of the Party must not be seen in public with their sweethearts, and following the reports of a drag queen deep in the belly of the DNA, the Bamboo Town MP has ordered all loose ‘jiggalos’ to find a wife!

In a last-ditch effort to save the secret love affair; the radio personality flew to Andros a few weeks ago in an attempt to catch-up with her toy boy to beg him to remain in the spicy relationship. The plan did not work, and word has it that young DNA member is set to marry next month.

Turning for the worst, the old cougar we are told has turned to her spiritual advisor who has advised her that she should get serious help and return to her church over the hill in Grants Town. Problem is though the cougar and the priest cannot get along after father discovered the radio personality dabbles in obeah, believes in incantations and has turned to karma. Friends of the cougar tell us they believe her black magic practices has turned her chances with the toy boy for the worse.

Known for mixing and dabbling in all kinds of herbal medicines, sources tell us the cougar is finding it hard to keep her business open and deal with the loss of her red toy DNA hubby.

The cougar is finding it rough and tough, and some tell us she can be heard loud blasting cussing Papa and his former law partner for her troubles.


  1. What’s so interesting is that the DNA is not even 6months old yet and already scandals of drag queens, inside fighting, vetting problems and now sweetheart has hit them..I must say if this is what they are displaying then GOD help us ALL if they were to get in!

  2. BP you really can describe it well now. Say “deep in the belly of the DNA”…. LOL Don’t dead me. That was a good one!

  3. Who is the cougar? am thinking of three person this could be.
    A cougar is a beautiful creature you know……or was it a “WET RAT” got scald with hot fat?

    • if he win you never know how to live as communist we will see, cant you people see this is where he want to take this country

  4. That dam cougar should be ashamed of her dam self for seducing a young hapless broke boy. I hate to see young boys being preyed upon by these ole gals who hopping around on crutches. Its despicable. Let the boy live his life and get married to a young lady who can bear him fruits. Its a shame that Branville had to intervene to get this obeah-workin cougar off this boy run.

    • if a old man dating a young girl no one have nothing to say but if a older woman date a younger guy is always a problem why say if the guy 39 and she 47 what the problem can someone tell me

  5. Bran really needs to stop, he’s to full of himself lately and had no rights to dictate to ppl. As for the cougar, who is she and she needs to get a LIFE!!! I dated a guy who is now in the DNA camp that dumped me becoz he needed his space, then months later I found he married his babies moma. Now I know why,he had to get married to be a DNA member I guess.But guess what? I say FNM/PLP all da way! DNA NO WAY!!!! If u think the country in trouble now, watch and see how much shit we’ll be in if Bran is PM!! Drag Queen’s will be out full FORCE!!

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