RDBF report two persons still missing at sea in MV Diamond Express sinking


Four men have been found at sea…Did Basil dem give a proper weather report Saturday evening?

US coast guard.

Nassau – Two persons are missing at sea on Sunday. Four other occupants–Don Smith, Alan Rolle Jr., Karkin McLuaglir (a Honduran) and Doswell Coakley— are fortunate to be alive, following a harrowing capsizing of their vessel at sea.

They were onboard the MV Diamond Express formerly known as Cat Island Express, enroute to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands, departing from Freeport about 9pm Saturday night.

Their vessel capsized along the way and as a result they sounded MAYDAY alerts.

A joint search and rescue operations ensued by the OPBAT, BASRA, RBDF and Civilian boaters.

The US Coast Guard helicopter located the capsized vessel and a civilian boat in the area rescued the four male occupants who were clinging to the overturned vessel.

Further investigations reveal that the two additional persons onboard the ship remain missing.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force, BASRA, OPBAT continue to search the surrounding areas to locate the men. A private salvage company is also assessing the wreck to determine if any of the men were trapped on the inside.

Fishermen and boaters in the area are asked to remain alert when transiting waters around Freeport and Great Harbour Cay.

Believe it or not this is the third sea incident since the bad waves at the Glass Window Bridge and this incident makes the 4th person to go missing at sea.

We report yinner decide!