ROBERTS: Moss squandered a golden opportunity for public service

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts
PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

Bradley B. Roberts

Progressive Liberal Party

The media has shown much interest in the recent announcement by the Honourable Member for Marco City Gregory Moss to resign his membership with the Progressive Liberal Party and alignment with its parliamentary caucus.

On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, I thank Mr. Moss for his service and wish him well in his future endeavours. The PLP, like any other family or organization, encounters disagreements among its members and sometimes these differences are reconciled and sometimes members part ways; such is life in the cut and thrust of not only party politics but life in any organization.

For its part, the PLP has an illustrious and unsurpassed legacy of giving political life and effective platforms of activism to several generations of young and not so young Bahamians desirous of public service. This organization grew from strength to strength over the past sixty years because of this practice and the legacy created from this practice must and will continue when we all would have made our contributions and moved on.

Hon. Greg Moss -
Hon. Greg Moss –

Gregory Moss was one such young Bahamian who was given the opportunity and privilege for public service and more so, the Prime Minister recognized his talents and invited Mr. Moss to join the Cabinet of The Bahamas, but Mr. Moss wanted to join conditionally. When his conditions were not met, he pouted, complained and preened publicly. As the Chairman of the National Insurance Board (NIB), Mr. Moss was publicly insubordinate to the nation’s chief and was relieved of his duties. Even within the context of a democratic culture, an organization can have only one leader or boss at a time and the tail cannot wag the proverbial dog.

Organizations thrive and are successful because of team work as there is no “I” in TEAM.

Further, Mr. Moss squandered much of his political support and capital in the Marco City Constituency and stood zero chance of securing a nomination for the upcoming 2017 general election.

But as he moves on with his life, I invite Mr. Moss to read the parable of the talents and reconsider the moral of and the lessons learned from that parable.

In the end, Gregory Moss did squander a golden opportunity for public service.