Ruffin drove with Christie and Ingraham and Deveaux drove on a luxury Helicopter


FNMs cannot get over the cut hip! Sees wrong with investors meeting Christie but could not see the same when their Ministers and Leader rode up and down the Bahamas in that Belle Island luxury helicopter

Ingraham just of the helicopter of a man who owned shares in Cable and Wireless. Bahamians does forget fast bey!

Nassau, Bahamas — It is funny to see how Bahamians have such short selective memory.

This week some in the FNM decided to attack an investor Phil Ruffin for driving in the car of the Prime Minister as he toured the Albany operations.

Ruffin is on Paradise Island making offers for Atlantis, which went into the hands of new owners after failing to meet its debts under the Ingraham Administration.

What indeed is surprising is this:  Those FNMs raising the concerns found Ruffin’s drive with Christie troubling and disturbing, but saw nothing wrong when the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his Environment Minister Earl Deaveaux travelled regularly on the luxury helicopter of the Bell Island owner for pleasure and campaigns.

What double standards and blind hypocrisy! And as we say, some Bahamians have short short short selective memory…

We report yinner decide!