Say they believe in the Bahamas – Ya gata wonder if they even believe in PLPs


Scores of FNMs hardcore supporters gridlocks Christie’s slow moving government – Christie return FNMs to the job and leaves young Bahamians out

Christie receiving his instruments of appointment from the ghost writer "Da Scribe".

Nassau, Bahamas — The broken promises government of Perry Christie is causing more hardship for PLPs.

Bahamas Press is set to release a list of hardcore-diehard FNMs who have returned to work under the new administration in the past month.

Under Christie’s order a known FNM and hardcore supporter of Hubert Ingraham, Vesta Williams, for example was returned to the office of the Prime Minister.

BP can confirm more that 100 hardcore FNMs have returned to the public payroll under the new Government…WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?

Say dey believe in Bahamians…Ya think they even believe in PLPs? BP ga have more to say on dis!

We report yinner decide!