Senior FNM projects defeat for the Opposition Party in North Abaco – Party Candidate Making No headway in race


Senior FNMs tell BP opposition party candidate has no chance in hell in North Abaco. Residents now question why he was thrown out of US and cannot return. "Did he commit a crime?" some ask.

When is “Count it again 2.0 coming out?” – FNMs concede defeat in North Abaco

Fox Town, North Abaco –A former FNM candidate is still recovering from serious bouts of mental illness following his cut-yinner-know-what in the May 7th General Elections.

According to sources the former senator was seen strolling into a mental institution in Fox Hill and has been making regular increased visits to his doctor there. It is believe the former candidate had checked himself into the mental institution following the FNM’s crushing defeat at the polls.

One senior FNM told BP, “We are having a serious problem getting over the cut hip of May 7th. For some reason our arguments have not been carefully crafted and constructed for public consumption, and from the looks of things right now in North Abaco, we are facing a deadly defeat in the October 15th race.”

But it is getting worse. Senior generals in the Party have defected to the governing Progressive Liberal Party in North Abaco and it appears that nothing is coordinated for the FNM’s unknown candidate to win.

In fact on Tuesday morning the FNM candidate was heard loud and clear screaming to the top of his voice on national radio saying: “I am Bahamian!”

Apparently The FNM’s selection for North Abaco lived in the US “undocumented and illegal” for eight years and lied about his credentials to US authorities who ordered him out of the country last summer.

Bahamas Press has learnt the FNM candidate cannot travel to the US and has been placed on the American stop list!

Why would Hubert Ingraham set up his party for a crushing defeat in North Abaco – a seat held by the party in the last five elections – is beyond us!

From the looks of things Loretta Butler-Turner is quickly shaping up to be the first woman to lead a political party in a post Independent Bahamas.

Boy I tell ya, “If you don’t laugh you would cry!” Someone will be screaming: “Count it again!”

We report yinner decide!