Sharon Turner uses BIS for the FNM production…Some people have no ETHICS AT ALL!

The video now posted on the FNM website reported by the Deputy Director of BIS Sharon Turner.

Freeport, Bahamas – For the life of Bahamas Press we cannot understand why would the Deputy Director for the Bahamas Information Service use her office, which is a quasi-government department by the way, and produce videos, to publish work for the Free National Movement Party?

This clip is now on [perhaps will be removed after this story] the government’s Website:

Hubert Ingraham at a press event somewhere and the deputy director for BIS Sharon Turner behind the scenes.

Now picture this, the Deputy Director of BIS is giving a live report on the assistance to the Our Lucaya victims, uses red in to produce the video and tags the clip as “Our Lucaya Workers Receive Assistance” – From FNM restoring your Trust!

The concerns we have is this, how could a government employee be so brazen and show the world how void of ETHICS they are. What is the BIS employee doing posting material/reports tagged in the name of the FNM? Boy, people are desperate nah! This is someone who is working for the taxpayers of the Bahamas NOT THE FNM!

It  seems as though everyone in government has caught this CORRUPTION CROOKED VIRUS!



Our Lucaya Workers Receive Assistance from FNM Restoring Your Trust on Vimeo.


  1. @ pratty

    There is a temptation to DEAL WITH YOU as you deserve to be dealt with and to redirect you to the many, many slanderous posts and accusatory statements that I read from you, in which you (and others like you) acted in the superlative using derogatory comments, personal insults and expletives towards Phillipa Lady Russell. She can hold her own (and has done so convincingly), so by no means am I attempting to “dissuade” you. I am pointing-out the absence of any thing substantial in your post. The chain of personal insults has “scratch” to do with the story by BP or Phillipa’s response. Is that all you have to contribute to the conversation, DAILY?

    And “yes” it is correct that you promised to disregard us (STORM & Phillipa Lady Russell). I recall you naming us as posters who you would not communicate with again. You went further and invited certain other posters to join you in that boycott. What happened? You should encourage your convictions (be honorable to those convictions too) and disregard posts by STORM and Phillipa Lady Russell, like you PROMISED YOU WOULD. Those who listened to you expect nothing less from you.

    THE HOLY SCRIPTURES SAY: “…. a double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways ….”

  2. @ Wrong, T. Beech & Others

    I am noticing a trend developing whereby regardless of the issue posted by BP, once Phillipa Lady Russell comments she is attacked. With this happening with increasing frequently and with more posters joining the “fight” against her (the pile on effect)it leaves me to wonder whether or not this is calculated and part of a broader strategy designed to silence her.

    Naturally, she attempts to defend herself, which produces the back and forth (WITH INSULTS BEING FIRED FROM BOTH SIDES). There is no attempt to address the merits of her postings – NONE. Why not?

    • @ Storm why do’nt you backtrack all of the posts.You and PHILLIPA insults and call evryone that opposes your views names.It is the two of you that has caused people to respond the way they do.The site has always had a problem with decency but you and Phillipa comments has brought it to an all time low.You can give but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • @ STORM:

      Thank you for pointing to the dilemma faced by anyone wishing to address the TRUTH about what ails our Bahamas. We are sadly, the most duplicitous people on God’s good earth. A carry over from the days of piracy, I guess.

      As I explained to a prebvious poster, whenever I meet persons of fine breeding and intelligent conversation, I am so pleased to communicate with them as equals, however, when confronted with dogs, I make a great attempt at barking, likewise with pigs, since grunts are all they understand.

      The tragedy is that citizens with the ability to write English choose to waste their energies in the defense of the indefensible.

      As I grew up in the rural settlement of Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama, Hepburn Town, to be precise and there was no shortage of “Smoothies” (flat stones) which I learned to deliver, with precision at buzzards, fowl snakes and menacing dogs, this rabid crew up here on BP, are a piece of cake!

      I do have some workable solutions to some of our national problems which I would wish to share, however, my Internet signal has lapsed into its unreliable state and I am otherwise consumed with the details of planning a massive Town Metting to bring national focus to the BTC issue.
      Details to be announced on every media outlet and posted here on BP as well, soon!

  3. Phillipa “no Lady” Russell, you should be the last one to talk about conflict of interest and other Ladies like Sharon Turner.

    • @ Wrong:

      Hey Wrong! Your name speaks volumes!

      Since you already know my name and the fact that I do not throw “smoothies” while hiding my hands, who are you, anyway?

      I hope that you are not that same repetitive, sorry idiot from BAIC, who writes and speaks filth in defense of his political party, in order to justify the collection of a handsome salary for which he performs no meaningful work.

      Again, is that you Peter______?

      Since the Sandilands Rehabilitation treatments are free, why not check yourself in and have that multiple personality disorder problem addressed by professionals?

  4. Actually, it’s kind of like what you all do; take something produced for one reason and splice and dice and then use it for another reason. I saw this clip on ZNS that had nothing on it related to either the FNM or PLP. It’s interesting the references to The Lady and Mr. Mckinney who, both, unashamedly used their time on the air to bash the then opposition. Let’s quit the games people. Secular politics is tearing this country apart at the seams and polarizing comments from would-be “journalists” are not helping.

  5. The Government and it subordinates have no Integrity. Where are the men of Integrity……………………..Jelly Back Liars ,Thiefs, and Pirates, wheather misfortune or blessings , these jokers riding .

  6. This is not the first tim BP has brought this issue to the public’s attention, does Mrs. Turner work for the FNM or BIS?

    Mrs Turner who acts as if she arrived from Paris on the FNM train in 2007 needs to slow her role! But of cause it won’t be long for her and the FNM to be taking that smoking training back to where they came from. And all of you pro FNM’s stop condoning BUll**IT!

  7. Wrong, So this is your responce to this issue? “Eat Your Heart Out?” This FMN Government said that they would be different. This is worse! Is this what our children can look forward to? Tit for Tat? It is okay to get f…ed as long as the FNM is doing it to all of us? You are the biggest JackA.. ever.


      Is this the same Sharon Turner who attempted to smear my name in the ZNS evening news after I pointed out at the BCPOU Town Meeting of December 9th, 2010 that The Aga Khan and the King of Spain are Cable and Wireless owners?

      Mrs. Sharon Brown seemed to have lost her equilibrium when I pointed out that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s bragging about his helicopter ride to meet the the King of Spain at The Aga Khan’s place in Exuma, while their grand children played together, was nothing more than a signed confession to CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the “proposed” BTC sale to “Careless & Wutless”

      Well, according to the Punch on Monday, a man fitting Sharon Brown’s husband’s description is set to take the children and leave her, since she has become obsessed with PAPA and vain illusions of power. Wow, Ms Turner, must not have read the Psalm whch says: All power belongs to God!

      It will be a real pleasure to see the back of this classless excuse of womanhood! What a disaster!

        • @Phillippa blah blah blah (sorry, could not bring myself to call you Lady there), you appear to define all that is WRONG with this country. You immediately strike to berate @Wrong – by attacking his mother – and see nothing wrong with that. THEN, you continue on to spread venemous rumor and innuendo about Turner without any sort of proof. But the cherry on the top of this fetid pile of turds, is your biblical reference. People like you epitomize the worst of our country. Here’s a suggestion for you, and other wannabe pundits – post a helpful solution to what ails us, rather than joining in the smear campaign and sinking to new depths of lowness.

          If it wasn’t already taken, you could have signed me – DISGUSTED.

          • Ah “Lady” Russell, still spewing filth I see. How do you reconcile this “Lady” with the one that comes on Love 97 on Sundays at 6PM??? Do they serve the same God? Would sponsors give money to this “Lady” to support that show?

          • @TBeech
            Ah TBeech, spewing just enough filth for the hogs to understand that they is my preferred source of Bacon! I never liked Turkey Bacon, so your friend Pratty is safe, OK?

            So you listened to my Redemption Forum radio show again this evening. Wow, did you enjoy the Contemporary Praise music? How about the cutting edge talk with a young Bahamian Christian professional?

            Here we go again. You must enjoy pain! Are you issuing a veiled threat in your question about my advertisers, TBeech? Cause if you are, you are wasting your time!

            My advertisrs are business persons who understand that my show has a large listening share of intelligent Bible-believers as well as PARTY HACKS and REPROBATES like you, seeking any opening so that you may come in like a flood, but the Word of God has already raised a standard against you and all your schemes!

      • Lady Russell ya gat me on the floor. Now that’s what I call killing two birds with one stone.


  8. @ Wrong

    You are saying “wrongdoing deserves wrongdoing” and attempting to be disingenuous while doing so. Then you concluded by directing all and sundry to support the FNM (exposing yourself AS POLITICALLY BIASED).

    A SINCERE INTENTIONED post would have directed all Bahamians to look at the candidates presented in each constituency, in a man by man comparison, then to select the best person, regardless of party affiliation. We have reached a point in our political development (MANY OF US) where that PARTY THING doesn’t work on us the way it use to. YOU WANT TO ARREST OUR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT BY MAKING US ETERNALLY LOYAL TO CERTAIN PARTIES, EVEN WHEN CONTINUING TO SUPPORT THE PARTY FOR THE SAKE OF SUPPORTING THE PARTY IS THE WORST DECISION (GIVEN THE OPTIONS).


  9. why are you seeking to justify wrong if you knowingly knows it is wrong and should not be happening? Two wrongs could never make a right.Stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS never dignify wrong because of some one who may have committed wrong in the past.

  10. Eat ya dam heart out, ya’ll complaining now, recall Steve and Phillipa ‘no Lady” Russell used their job on ZNS talk shows to rant PLP corrupt government down the throats of Bahamians. In face people who called to criticized the PLP at the time were cut off by Steve called fools and cut off.

    Where were you all complaining.

    Now I am not saying wrong is wrong but for heaven sakes give FNMs a breaks. For me the PLP must be kept out and even if we have to break the heavens open the message must get out.


    This is “why” first time eligible voters are having a difficult time determining where the moral core of this country is. This conduct will be ignored by those who once condemned others who (in their opinion) used the publicly funded air waves in support of the PLP.

    I guess the PM will write her a letter too (like he will to URCA – not fire anyone) but he probably won’t require her to pay the cost for the use of equipment and broadcasting time, however he will insist that Cheryl Grant-Bethel pay the legal cost associated with her actions, down to the last cent.

    This is the kind of duplicity that justifies the REJECTION OF HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM, PERRY GLADSTONE CHRISTIE and their cohorts from both sides by younger voters (in case you didn’t know). If this doesn’t constitute a violations worthy of dismissal, then nothing prepared and broadcasted, regardless of how inaccurate or obviously bias it is can be considered “wrong” in her capacity as a public relations officer.

  12. It seems this is the usual practice to put political appointees who are connected to ‘great people of The Bahamas’. I have seen this gremlin at state events and she is a bonified jungless….from top to bottom. This case only reinforces all that is wrong with our political leaders, as both parties are guilty of this crime…When will be Bahamians strive for better!

  13. Wait a minute..I thought that they were Government agencies assigned to assist the layed off workers, not FNM agencies. Or are the Ministries of Labour & Social Services now FNM agencies? The politics in this country stinks, trying to ride on the misfortune of the people to score political points!!! Shameless Foolishness!!!!

  14. A clear case of conflict of interest and therefore if Steve McKinney was put on forced vacation then this prick Turner needs to go on unpaid leave.10/45 is trying to show that he is doing something but we all know that its an act of desperation.10/45 the great economist must show his worthiness by at least putting some program in place to shows sustainable employment for the many displaced workers.What is happening with the Govt reminds me of the story of Moses when he led the children out of Egypt.To the very end Pharoah with a bitter heart tried to prevent their escape.Pap has victimised Bahamians from the day he came into office in 2007 and now everything he touches just fails.He should with a repentant heart just resign and allow a new Leader with compassion to emerge in the FNM.The five Members in GB should follow PAPA out of the door.

  15. In the NASSAU GUARDIAN dated 07.03.2011 under the caption,”URCA broke the law”,the Prime Minister said URCA’S hiring of a BAJAN without advertising the position within the Bahamas first was UNLAW.Well i have news for the PM,THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE UNLAWFUL DEEDS THAT HE HAS FOUND OUT THAT SAADAT AND HIS FOREIGN COHORTS HAVE COMMITTED.Mr.Prime Minister please ask mr.Saadat to provide DOCUMENTATION as to who brought C&W to the table some SEVEN MONTHS AFTER THE DEADLINE TO APPLY TO BID FOR BTC HAD CLOSED!!!This is a clear case of INSIDER TRADING AND THIS HAS CORRUPTED THE ENTIRE PRIVATISATION PROCESS OF BTC.Mr.Prime Minister please note that British companies have a TRACK RECORD OF CROOKED AND CORRUPT DEEDS,EXAMPLE THE SAUDI ARMS DEED OF THE 1980S,among numerous others.Please mr.Prime Minister HAVE FAITH IN YOUR BAHAMIANS,and i leave you with the words of a CARIBBEAN CLICHE and it goes like this watch the TRINI BECAUSE THEIR FINGERS STICKY(THIEVES) AND THE BAJAN KNOWS ONLY GOD SMARTER THAN THEM.To my fellow Bahamians i say remember CLICO and First Caribbean.

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