Someone out of Tourism must explain how we spent all that money on a contract worker and not one damn thing can be traced in value for money!


Tourism’s foreign Bank Accounts and its expenditure sheets must be examined in audits! How in da hell you could agree to pay ya cousin more money than the former PM?



Nassau, Bahamas – Some in the PLP are now puzzled to how a contract worker collected a huge salary, more than hardworking public servants. This does not look good.

The contract worker was all but a ballerina dancer who was closely related to the former Minister for Tourism.

PLP generals told Bahamas Press, “We are shocked and amazed to see how loosely some who made the decisions to pay persons who had not a clue in the running of the Bahamas astronomical wages and fees that could not be substantiated or explained. How could anyone get paid funds to the tune of thousands when officers and staff who carried the groundwork were not?”

This, therefore, raises serious concerns in the Bahamas over workers under the Ministry of Tourism who are abroad. Who are we paying and how much are they being paid and for WHAT?! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

Bahamas Press rejects the explanations by the contract worker and we want him to explain what in detail was achieved by him when he worked for the government.

We recall how a former Minister for Tourism was handsomely paid more than three hundred thousand a year and that too was never explained!

We have since spoken with several senior government officers and they tell us that they, too, are trying to figure out what was the exact service of the contract worker who was paid more money then the former Prime Minister!

This must be explained!

We report yinner decide!